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Vol. 5, Issue 3
March 31, 2014


Arts in Buffalo: The Local Music Scene

By Dan Gertis

Music has always been of particular interest to me and recently I had the opportunity to experience various genres through local bands and groups. From Christian bands like Christen to electric bands like The Digital Afterlife, the music industry has a wide range of offerings that anyone can enjoy.

A little while ago, my church hosted a rally and invited a newly formed band called Christen. As soon as the band took the stage, I was excited to learn that a few of the members were also part of the congregation at my church, allowing me to feel connected to the group. This dynamic band plays popular worship songs in a more upbeat and engaging style than the way the songs are played over the radio. From worship favorites like “One Thing Remains” to other lesser known numbers, this band is great not only for Christians who want to worship, but also for anyone who is looking to listen to upbeat, uplifting music.

On the other end of the spectrum is another local band called The Digital Afterlife. I am not very comfortable with the electric genre, but I had a friend who invited me to their show and set up an interviewing opportunity with the band members. I felt quite uncomfortable during the performance, as the words were difficult to understand and the performance was filled with screaming and strange noises. Nonetheless, the crowd seemed to respond well to the show. Although I was clearly out of my element, the interview afterwards provided an interesting look into the dynamics of the band. I learned that the members were actually brothers, one of whom traveled across the country to play at that night’s set here in Amherst. Although I couldn’t relate to this band, that night was an interesting opportunity that allowed me to explore new genres of music.

Music is a great way to express feelings and engage an audience. It may be a worship session or a “screamo” set, but bands like Christen and The Digital Afterlife engage and relate to their audience in unique ways customary to their genres, and these are only two of the many bands the rich music of Buffalo has to offer.


Seams & Soles: Budget-Friendly Fashionista of the Week

By Christianna Adams

Don’t we all love a good deal? As a sensible fashionista I feel accomplished when I am able to find designer pieces on a college student budget. Celebrities set the bar high with their glamorous ensembles with outrageous price tags that makes it difficult for us to copy their style, but Amanda Best was able to find quality looks for less.

Amanda looked fab while wearing an outfit that was under $40! Crazy, right? She wore a beautiful striped Ralph Lauren knit sweater that cost her $20 from the Ralph Lauren Outlet, which she paired with beautiful corduroy pants from Ann Taylor Loft for $4, and put the icing on the cake with Report laced shoes for $15 from DSW. This outfit is truly a steal.

Amanda is truly the Best when it comes to finding affordable fashion on a small budget and pulls off this ensemble with ease. Check out her fabulous look below.


Mark’s Remark

By Mark Poblocki

Spring Into Opportunity

As we now head into our first few weeks of spring, many of us will begin to get outdoors more and enjoy the warmth that Mother Nature gives us after a long winter season. We will be heading into the second half of the semester all fired up to do well and get to summer as fast as possible. Easter is also approaching quickly and many will use the weeks prior in engaging in worship or working to achieve their goals. I feel that we should take this time as an opportunity to do something new just as the changing seasons brings new things.

The objective? Spring into opportunity. Life gives us many opportunities of which to take advantage. Whether these are job offers, internships, new friends, new hobbies, or just experiences in general, there are a ton of things that we can do in our lives. However, these opportunities are usually cast off by a couple of factors. For one, our busy schedules can impact our readiness to take these opportunities. For example, a college professor is not going to drop everything he or she is doing and fly to Venezuela to see Angel Falls. We have so much going on in our day-to-day lives that it is practically impossible to take on these huge things. That is why it’s important to plan ahead and make sure we do not carry busy schedules all of the time. This does not mean to drop every responsibility we have to wait for something new to pop-up, as that is ridiculous. Make sure you have plenty of time to relax in your life so that if opportunities do open up, you can try them out. If the opportunities don’t come immediately, then you still have time to take a break from a hectic schedule and have some free time.

While many opportunities do pop up, we tend to usually put them off or not care to try them. Just because I get twenty to thirty emails a day about events going on around campus does not mean I want to go to every single one of them. As my fellow students can agree to, the constant influx of emails makes students more likely to delete than read. However there is still some good in being made aware of what events are happening. Just by presenting opportunities, you still give people the option to recognize the opportunities and make their own choice as to whether to go to them or not. Just by offering an opportunity, it opens up the possibility to someone who may not have had access to it otherwise.

The same can be explicated with what we say to others. Everything we say is precious and specific to that moment, that situation, and that time. There is no way to physically recreate these moments. That’s why we must make the best of them. Instead of being reactive right away, we should take in what people say and respond intelligently and with purpose. It’s like eating a sandwich. If we stuff our faces too fast, too much will be going down at one time. This will result in us hurting our digestive track for a bit. Rather, we should try to eat at a normal pace and savor the food we are eating. We should do the same in life, but by taking things as they come, not by overloading ourselves or skipping every opportunity we are offered.

In short, we are constantly offered many opportunities whether we recognize them or not. Some we like, and others we couldn't care less about. These opportunities, however, open us up to things we may have never tried before. While this beautiful season is just beginning, challenge yourself to try something new each week. Whether it be something small like trying a new recipe, to something extraordinary like bungee-jumping off a two-story building (ok, I think most of us are scared of that!), try something new and be more open to what the world has to offer. You may learn new things, find a new hobby or preference, or even make a new friend. Opportunities are there to help take the redundant nature of our life and give it a kick. As for me, I have applied to a study abroad program, something I never would have imagined I would try to do during my college career. It doesn’t have to be something so grand, but I implore you to try something new this week. Change it up, be active, and spring into opportunity.


Professor Mini-Profile: Sharlene Buszka

By Nicole Denaro



Position:Associate Professor for the Business Administration department. Ms. Buszka just finished 5 ½ years as the Chair of the Business Administration Department.  She teaches the “people” part of business: human resource management, and cross cultural classes.

Specialty: Human Resource Management Senior Professor in Human Resource (SPHR).

“My favorite class” is Cross Cultural Communication refugee class which is for service learning students to help refugees learn English as a second language.

Professional Credentials: B.S. in Business Administration, MBA with specialty in Human Resource Management, SPHR certified, Member of  both Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and Buffalo Niagara Human Resource Association.

Currently Working On: Doctorate of Philosophy in “Integration of Religion and Society,” and her dissertation topic is “Faith at Work.”

-Just recently completed a study week at Oxford University in the UK doing research to develop a training curriculum to obtain data for dissertation.

Greatest Personal Accomplishments: married for 34 years and raised 4 children, of whom she’s very proud.

Professional: Helped develop the Human Recourse Management program to have notoriety in the business community. She developed the service learning course which provides ESL training for adult refugees to help them transition into the U.S. society and workforce. She chartered the first Student SHRM Chapter on the Daemen campus as a way of “etting Daemen’s name out there in the community.”

Greatest Passion: Helping students find work that is fulfilling to them.

Private Pleasure: Loves working out, Zumba, and reading.

Nobody knows I’m…: “a reluctant extrovert”

I’ve never been able to…: “program a computer”

I’d give anything to meet: C.S. Lewis,writer of The Chronicles of Narnia, and professor Oxford University.

If I could change one thing about myself: “I procrastinate too much”

Favorite Quote: “Don’t think more of yourself or less of yourself, instead, think of yourself less.”

What do you like to do in your spare time? “Thrifty decorating,” which is decorating on a budget; she likes helping others decorate and find bargains. Ms. Buszka also enjoys jewelry making, long bike ridges, and loves to travel.

Why did you pick Business? Originally Ms. Buszka says she picked business for the practicality and wanted a job. She picked Human Resource specifically because she enjoys helping people when it comes to identifying strengths and weaknesses.



Professor Mini-Profile: Dr. Mindy Scirri

By Emily Brick


Position: Assistant Professor in Education, Diverse Learner Academy Coordinator at the Thomas Reynolds Center for Special Education

Specialty: Strength based learning with a content area on disabilities and special education

Professional Credentials: Ph.D. in Special Education from Syracuse University, Master’s Degree in Learning Disabilities, Master’s Degree in English with a Certificate in Creative Writing, Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Biology; Has a private practice called “Learnabilities" where she works with students and their families to help them negotiate students’ K-12 education and/or college or vocational pursuits; She has been working with students with disabilities since 1997; Dr. Scirri is also a professional tutor.

Currently Working on: Four articles based on her dissertation, a Tower Grant with The Parent Network called “The Emotional Side of Learning Disabilities,” and a Tower Grant called “Bridge to Success.”

Greatest Accomplishment: Having her two children

Greatest Passion: “helping people succeed”

Private Pleasure: Dancing

Nobody knows I: traveled with a carnival and “it changed my perspective on life”

I’ve never been able to: skateboard

I’d give anything to go back in time and meet: Albert Einstein

If I could change one thing about myself it would be: to be better with time

Favorite quote: “everything is awesome” –Lego Movie

Most important quality a teacher should possess: taking care of people- one can’t do it enough

Favorite part about being a Professor: The students!


Professor Theresa A. Kolodziej, PhD. PT. DPT: Mini-Profile


By Abigail LaFlair

Director of Clinical Education Department of Physical Therapy

Specialty: She specializes in Disability Advocacy for her patients.

Professional Credentials: PhD. in Medical Anthropology

Current Projects: Dr. K is currently working on a research project on Parkinson’s and the effects of exercise.

Greatest accomplishment: Her greatest accomplishment is driving through Scotland without hitting any sheep or people, because she had to drive on the opposite side of the road.

Something enjoyable/hobbies: Dr. K loves everything Celtic and enjoys international travel. She has been to Scotland twice, Ireland 3 times, and England multiple times with more trips planned in the near future.

Something no one knows: Dr. K. has two wonderful God-children.

Something I’d like to do: She would like to one day open a bed and breakfast.

If I could change one thing about myself: Dr. K says she would change her eye color.

Pets: Dr. K. has one “crazy” cat named Riley who is polydactyl; which means he has thumbs.

Inspiration: Dr. K. says her parents inspired her the most throughout her life.

Favorite book: Her favorite book is a book she has recommended for her students called Living with Illness or Disability 10 lessons of acceptance understanding and perseverance by Sharon A. Gutman.

How long have you worked at Daemen: Dr. K has been a professor at Daemen since 1988 which means she has been here approximately 26 years.

Greatest Hope: Dr. K hopes that all Physical Therapy students become disability advocates for their patients.


Comic Relief

By Mark Poblocki


In Memoriam

By Annie Rose

Daemen College students and faculty are mourning the loss of Dr. Charles “Charlie” Sabatino, who passed away suddenly on March 13 at the age of 72. Dr. Sabatino taught philosophy and religious studies, and I personally took his class as part of my learning community co-taught by Dr. Sabatino and Dr. Matthew Ward.

The point of the learning community curriculum was to encourage students to think about what we believe in, what are our values, and why we believe what we do. Dr. Sabatino challenged us to review the facts about subjects ranging from global warming, cloning, and euthanasia to abortion and genetic testing, and in doing so evaluate our own beliefs surrounding each topic. Dr. Sabatino always had an anecdote or an interesting point of view to share with the class. I always felt more knowledgeable and my views validated after leaving that class. Dr. Sabatino always had a smile and kind hello outside of the classroom as well, a sentiment echoed by everyone who knew him. No one could stifle a smile at the sight of Dr. Sabatino strolling up and down the hallways in his boots and hat, and he always made it a point to ask how your semester was going or how you were doing. 

For the students who knew him, we were all truly blessed to have had the great honor of being a witness to such a passionate and caring professor. Many people I spoke to, including my own view, said how inspiring he was being an avid runner and marathoner. It shows that no matter your age you can accomplish great things. 

Dr. Sabatino will be greatly missed by everyone whose life he touched. On behalf of the staff at the Insight we extend our condolences to the Sabatino family.  


Counseling Services at Daemen College Confidentially Address Wide Range of Student Issues

By Annie Rose

Just recently the Counseling Services center held an open house to showcase its new offices.

Daemen College offers free counseling services to registered Daemen students and staff. The counseling office is conveniently located in Duns Scotus, room 228. Students are eligible for 15 free sessions as part of their tuition, though director Shannon Radder says not to worry about those 15 visits because arrangements can be made if a student needs to exceed that amount. She also mentioned how insurance and co-pays are not required, and sessions are strictly confidential.

Director Radder is a Daemen College graduate. She originally majored in physical therapy but changed her focus to psychology. She holds an MS in E.D., and is an LMHC (Licensed Mental Health Counselor). Shannon is also trauma and PTSD-certified and certified as a school counselor. She is on campus full-time.

 In addition to Shannon, there are two part-time counselors. Deloris Fields-Jones is an LMSW (Licensed Social Worker), and Nick Gazzoli who has an M.A., also has his CASAC (credentialed alcohol and substance abuse counselor). Counselors are available Monday through Friday from 8:30-4:30 and appointments are required, especially because appointments spike around midterms and finals weeks.

 Counseling can help with myriad problems, ranging from academic stress, relationship issues, trauma, abuse, perfectionism, and depression to bipolar, grief and loss, test anxiety, adjusting to college life, and substance problems. Those are just a few. Shannon states there are no small problems, and there’s no problem too big. She suggests not waiting until a small problem gets bigger or snowballs; it is best to work things out as early as possible.

 Many people are nervous about trusting someone else with their secrets or problems, but Shannon says the sessions are confidential and are protected by state law. As their brochure states, “no information can be released without your written authorization.” A student may choose couples counseling or ask the counselor to include his or her parents if necessary.

 During your first visit you can expect the following: to cover the laws and limitations of confidentiality; to introduce yourself, give some background information, and talk about why you’re there; and set up further meetings if necessary. The number of visits and times are up to you.


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Pictures by Mark Poblocki





Pictures by  Katherine Pizzuto

Photos by Terrell Chambers

TGIF that was an Irish theme hosted by Psi Xi Omicron.

People singing are of Voices of Zion, Daemen's own choir, singing at a life support event.

The wings  spaghetti dinner on campus.



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