Connect-Ed Notification System

By Richanne Mankey

Will Daemen College notify me in the event of an emergency? When you provide your contact information, Daemen College will contact you in case of a campus emergency or closing. Notification can be made at three different phone numbers and to the e-mail address. To receive notifications, complete the “Add/Change cell phone #” form in Webadvisor under “User Account.” Not only will calls be placed to the numbers provided, but text messages will also be sent. Phone numbers that are already on file will also receive emergency notifications (example: home or work phone number). E-mail notifications will be automatically sent to your “” account.

In the spring of 2009, Daemen College purchased software called ConnectEd, a company affiliated with the Blackboard software Daemen uses for class communication. After research to find the most effective and seamless notification system available, a committee reviewed the ConnectEd product and we embarked on activating it. What is currently missing is the contact information that each and every member of the campus community will want to provide so that community members are notified “Just in Time” in the event of a campus emergency or a closing. The protocol developed for use of the software does not provide for contacting individuals for any other reason than an emergency or closing. Thus, you can be assured that you will not receive annoying messages via the ConnectEd system other than an occasional “test” to make sure the contact information we have is working.

Events that would induce use of the notification system might include a situation that is potentially risky to human safety such as a fire, a hazardous waste spill, an explosion, a bomb threat, or a human threat including weapons. Notification might also be provided in the case of a weather event that has left the campus with significant property damage or without important utilities such as: water, power, natural gas. Of course, we hope we will not have to use the notification system, yet want the campus community to be assured that we have the system. With your assistance, it will be fully loaded with contact information, so notification can be made should the need arise.

To address any questions about the security of your information, the software offers up-to-date protection from hackers, and only certain campus personnel have the appropriate “permissions” to log-on and activate emergency messages that would be sent to the campus community.

Take a moment right now to complete the online form so that your information will be loaded into our database for emergency notification. Log on to Webadvisor, access “User Account” and complete the “Add/Change cell phone #” form.

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