Did you know?: Cyber Café Mural


By LeAnna Shanks

In the Cyber Café, there is a fascinating mural on the far right wall. I’m guessing not many of you notice it as you walk through the entrance of Cyber because you’re too worried about how much work you have to do, what you want for lunch that day, or that winter is reluctantly here. But if you ever get a chance to look closer at the mural, you’ll see there’s more than meets the eye.

The mural reflects the theme of the two words “Cyber” and “Café,” making ordinary objects like a cup of coffee and a spoon seem intergalactic. The cup, saucer, and spoon represent the “Café” part while the computer and binary strip of numbers represent the “Cyber” part. The cup is the moon with the sun on fire behind it and the spoon represents Saturn because of the orbital ring. Then, we have an earth with swirling clouds representing the atmosphere. But wait! If you stand about five feet back and look in the bottom right-hand corner, it looks like a face! Or does it? Is it just a coincidence that artist wielding his or her brush chose to break the flow of the clouds in such a way? The image is half-drawn but still reminiscent of a face. The most mystifying part is if you walk right up to this section, the face disappears. This leaves a puzzling feeling of whether or not what you’re seeing is real.

On the left hand side, an old Mac desktop floats mid-air with a stream of binary numbers behind it. Now wait a minute; the numbers at the top don’t really look like numbers. If you examine the numbers closer, they aren’t numbers at all; it’s the artists’ initials. Rather than add their names on the bottom of the mural like any other artist would do, these clever artists decided to integrate their names into the mural. Plus, on the computer keyboard, you can see the names of all the artists who helped draw and paint the mural. The names are Greg, Norman, Grace, Brett, Mandy, Katie, and Quiñones. You can also see the date it was finished on the number pad: 5-15-00.

The point is that there are things here at Daemen that you may have overlooked, even if it’s small, like the Cyber Café mural. And you never know, there might be other things hidden around Daemen that you’ve never seen before, but only if you just take the time to look.

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