Opinions About the RIC

By Rachel Carroll

I think I speak for pretty much the entire Daemen College community when I say we were all very excited about the newest addition to our campus, the Research and Information Commons -- commonly known as simply the RIC. Although it's been months since it opened, The INSIGHT wanted to find out what students think about the new library. 

After interviewing several students one afternoon, this reporter found out that there are both positive and negative feelings towards the library (we'll save the good news for last). A common complaint amongt many of the students interviewed was that it is too loud.

Nick White, a senior pre-med major, said, “Even on the quiet floor people are talking, and it is loud in the group study rooms.” Katie Bronowicki, a senior secondary English major, added, “Although it's not designated as a quiet area, it's too loud by the computers.”

Another complaint was the weekend hours. Freshman natural science major Alicia Tos said, “I dorm and do not have a computer in my room, so the weekend hours are very inconvenient.” Ryan Mitchell, a sophomore physical therapy major, discussed the need for more computers. “When the library is busy there are not enough computers. I think we should have more computers on every floor.”

Although there were things some students didn’t like about the RIC, there were also a lot of things people love about it. Shannon Polk and Ariana Sauerhafer, fifth-year physical therapy students, said they like that there are both small and group desks so students have the option to study alone or with a group of people.

Nick Kaczmarek, a freshman majoring in graphic design, likes the facility for how “aesthetically pleasing” it is. Nick also said, “The database is great for research and easy to navigate.” As a senior childhood/special education major, Jamie Livergood appreciates the PERC for its teaching resources. “PERC has a lot of great books for research and lesson planning.” Peter Loney, a graduate student in accounting, said, “I like how spacious the library is. There are plenty of big areas where I can spread my stuff out.”

      Opinions may vary some, but what appears consistent is that the Research & Information Commons is a great new addition to the campus, has generated excitement, and is a distinct asset to the Daemen College community.

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