The Daemen Art Gallery: An Experience and an Inspiration

Tamblyn Gawley

By Christy Kassler

When you view the art of Daemen College, you do not necessarily recognize the efforts of Daemen Art Gallery Coordinator, Tamblyn Gawley. However, for the past few months, Tamblyn has been preparing for an exhibit in the Goldman-Greenfield Ggallery and is continuing to work on future ones.


Just the facts . . .

  • The gallery's exhibit is currently on view (first floor of Duns Scotus Hall)
  • It’s open during school hours
  • It runs until Wednesday, November 4
  • Not only is Tamblyn featured, but also numerous professors from our college are exhibiting as well.

When asked about her own work, which largely features intertwining tree limbs, Tamblyn explained, “My paintings are about the rejection of the man made, fast-paced, technology-driven world that western society has become. They are a personal worship of nature, and my comment on our culture’s ability to tune the natural world out.”

Profound though this statement is, it is difficult to see anything other than tranquil beauty in Tamblyn’s works, which show the positive nature of her oil paintings.

Even when I asked Tamblyn about the role of women in modern art, she still refused to have a negative outlook, despite statistics that indicate women do not receive the high prices for their works that men do. As she puts it, “I don’t want to think I can’t make it.”

So if you find time during your busy schedule, visit the art gallery and support Tamblyn and her fellow artists. Not only will you find beautiful and interprative artwork there, but you may just be inspired to let your creativity be unleashed!

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