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Rachel Carroll

On Nov. 11,  Veteran’s Day, I had the privilege of sitting down to talk with Mr. Karl Shallowhorn at the Veteran’s Center, which is  located in Business Building room 106. Mr. Shallowhorn is the associate director of graduate admissions and veterans services here at Daemen. His job is to help recruit student veterans to Daemen College. He contacts students who apply or inquire about our school, to make them aware of the benefits they are eligible for and to answer any questions they might have. I met with Mr. Shallowhorn to find out how Daemen College is helping veterans transition from the war in Iraq to a college campus.

Although other colleges throughout Western New York are also offering services to veterans returning home from the war, Daemen has many advantages. Our small class sizes can offer these veterans more personalized attention. This one-on-one attention is what makes Daemen a great choice for veterans. Along with our small class sizes, our small campus offers a safe environment that will make a difference.

For some veterans, this transition can be a very stressful time. Because they are so used to serving, they may feel uncomfortable on campus. Many of us who have not had the experience of serving our country take our freedom for granted. We walk from class to class, often, completely unaware of our surroundings. Mr. Shallowhorn is here to let veterans know that Daemen College is a friendly place.

Daemen  also offers a Listening Circle for active military personnel, veterans and their loved ones, students, and the general public. The Listening Circle is an open forum for people to discuss their feelings about the war in Iraq. The goal of the Listening Circle is to develop a safe place for people to share their thoughts and understand those of others. It is Mr. Shallowhorn’s hope that the Listening Circle will keep the discussion of the war in people’s minds so that we will not forget or become desensitized to what our country is trying to do. The first Listening Circle was held on Veteran’s Day and will be held every second Wednesday of the month until May.

Currently there are around 23-25 veterans on campus. Mr. Shallowhorn believes this number will go up and continue to grow over the next year, as many veterans are presently  in the application process. There are also more than 3,000 veterans in Western New York who are eligible to receive a free education through the GI bill.

On behalf of Daemen College, Mr. Shallowhorn placed small American flags around campus on Veteran’s Day as “a small gesture to say thank you.”

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