Artist Spotlight: Hip Hop and R&B

By Amanda Tourot

This edition’s Featured Artist: Lupe Fiasco

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it’s true – Mr. Lupe Fiasco is back. He finally landed a deal with Atlantic Records for his new album Lasers, which drops on March 8, 2011.

If you just can’t wait till then you're in luck, because Lupe has a new single off the album that was released October 26 via Lupe’s website (

Thank goodness, because last year the Chicago rapper announced he was retiring after the release of his last album. Part of his announcement was due to Atlantic Records refusing to give him a record deal, but that all changed when thousands of fans protested the recording company, pressuring them to act.

Meanwhile, he’s been writing and producing for various artists, such as Kid Cudi.

Also, check out the Bruno Mars “Amazing (Remix)”, featuring Lupe himself.


Enjoy. Go ahead and daydream…




I know, I know. We all thought Usher got sort of lame the second he began backing that Justin Beiber kid, but you better make sure to know his latest solo album “Raymond v. Raymond” that was released March 1, 2010.

Make sure to jam out to:

•         “OMG”

•         “Hot Tottie,” the club-jam with Jay-Z

•         “Lil’ Freak,” Usher’s collaboration with Ms. Nicki Minaj

•         “Spotlight,” another collaboration, but this time with Gucci Mane

•         “Daddy’s Home”

•         There Goes My Baby

And now, now, we can’t forget about “old” Usher either…


 Trey Songz

Besides being utterly gorgeous to look at and I know all you ladies are crushing hardcore on him, Trey Songz has always had a great voice to back it up.

With songs like “Need a Girl” and “Can’t Help but Wait,” Trey has always been on the map.

But now, he’s come out with some new songs on his album “Passion, Pain and Pleasure” released on September 14. If you don’t know the song “Bottoms Up,” with Nicki Minaj, you should. Also, check out “Neighbors Know My Name” and a track called “Unusual,” featuring Drake.

 Nicki Minaj

What else can I say, except that Nicki Minaj is the girl to listen to. She’s on everything and comes up with verses like no other, and her voice – well, she can actually sing, too. Who else can match that?

Here’s just a tiny list of some of her songs that are must-listens:

•         “Right Thru Me”

•         “What’s Wrong With Them,” a Lil Wayne track featuring Nicki

•         “Lookin’ At Me,” a song Pearl Future Song featuring Nicki in the verses

•         The 2010 summer jam “Your Love”

•         Beyonce’s “Sweet Dreams (Remix)” with Nicki and Lil Wayne

Gucci Mane

Gucci reminds all of us of last fall, with songs like “Break Up,” a classic, and “Lemonade,” but now he’s showing up everywhere, collaborating with everyone. His voice is beyond unique and his flow is one of a kind. If you’re into the more upbeat kind of jams, two of the more mainstream Gucci beats are his two new collaborations –

“Spotlight,” with Usher, and “Haterade,” with Pharrell and Nicki Minaj.

Both of which are great tracks.



Well, let’s just say this: Ri Ri has been classic for the past five or so years, but, hey, she's come a long, long way from her “Umbrella” days…

If you don’t know some of her newer songs – (and please don’t tell me all you know from her lately is that redundant Eminem song with her as the main part in the chorus) –

you should get to know them:

•         “What’s My Name,” featuring Drake – Definitely check out this beat.

•         “Who’s That Chick”

•         “Only Girl in the World”

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