Fashion Focus November 2010

By Amanda Tourot



Welcome to The INSIGHT’s very first in-depth look into the world of fashion! Join me every issue of The INSIGHT.

Like a fashion magazine, I will be studying and reporting to you the most recent trends in both American and European fashion.

You can find this all in “Trend-DC.” You may even find some new technologies that incorporate the realm of fashion into product and branding.

“Live It” will let you into the loop, exposing you to the best websites, where you can check out the most unique places to shop. I’m all about those deals and promos.

I hope to inspire fellow students and faculty alike with a look back at some ultimate and recent style icons in “Feeling Fab.”

I’ll inspire you in each issue with a fashion feature. This week, the first issue of The INSIGHT this school year, features some “Spooky Fun with Fashion.” Definitely check this one out. I have researched and compiled the cheapest and most affordable Halloween costumes, accessories, and party stuff for this weekend found in this week’s Buffalo News ads.

As always, remember: fashion is supposed to be fun! Play with colors and prints. Be unique. Be yourself. Fashion is for girls and boys, Daemen College’s men and women. Of course, there are links for all of these audiences. Enjoy and have fun! See you next issue with some trendy and unique finds to parade both on and off campus.




Follow and spot the latest fashion trends here at Daemen College.



What to wear during these colder fall months and how to accessorize your new finds from day to night.


•         fur

•         boots

•         scarves

•         clutches

•         Shades


Think autumn weather. Hey, it’s getting colder out, ladies…it’s time to stock up on all the essentials, the trend being a throwback to a retro look – circa 1970’s. Think your mother’s college closet.

          Think fur, think boots. Add to your closet of UGGS with some new slouchy, suede boots. Pile on a beautiful scarf. And hey, just because the winter months are coming shortly, doesn’t mean the sun still doesn’t shine. Don’t forget a fab pair of shades.

          And remember: always look for unique details and superb stitching with all of your clothing and accessories.

          Don’t forget a unique clutch that represents “you” to upgrade any outfit from day to night. Well, that, and some kohl-rimmed eyes.  

          Now, go! And have fun shopping.




How to stylishly and easily bundle up without
spending a fortune.


•         plaid

•         denim

•         leather

•         zip-ups 

Men, it’s all about that classic, retro look this fall.

     It’s easy to bundle up and add layers by making sure you have a great pair of straight-leg jeans in a dark denim wash (remember pocket details).

     Next, it’s the biggest trend to have an updated plaid button-up look, under a good zip-up in a primarily solid color.

     And when looking for jackets, think leather with great details and impeccable stitching. Also, remember you’ll need a good pair of footing, especially while walking around on this campus.

     Forget those skater sneaks, boys, and go for an upgraded look, whether they are sneakers or dress shoes you're looking for to add to your wardrobe.

     See, that wasn’t so bad. 


Where to shop? What deals to look for?

Stylish Websites to Check Out:

Fashion Websites &

          The Zoe Report

          (Zoe’s daily e-mail newsletter)


Magazine Websites



Get inspired by old-time icons, as well as the new style icons of today.



Marilyn Monroe
Audrey Hepburn
Katherine Hepburn
Victoria Beckham
Halle Berry
Michelle Obama
Stella McCartney
Kate Moss
Sienna Miller
Kate Hudson
Heidi Klum
Naomi Campbell
Mischa Barton
Grace Kelly



James Dean
Robert Redford
Cary Grant
Paul McCartney
Mick Jagger
Paul Newman
Taye Diggs
David Beckham
Jude Law
Zac Efron
Lupe Fiasco
Frank Sinatra



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