2010 Election Day for the State of New York

Election Day 2010:

Change in Governor for the State of New York

 By Samantha Spicer

            Tomorrow citizens of New York will choose their next state governor. The two main candidates are former attorney general, Andrew Cuomo (the Democrat candidate) and Buffalo’s own self-made businessman, Carl Paladino (the Republican candidate).

            Andrew Cuomo, as the former Attorney General of New York, was responsible for indicting and prosecuting all major crimes in the state. Cuomo has also served as the Secretary of Housing and Urban development during President Bill Clinton’s administration.

            Cuomo intends to make housing development a priority while he is in office, as well as protecting workers' rights. Cuomo’s position on industry is to tax businesses based on the amount of commerce they do within New York State. He also intends to hold local officials accountable for issues concerning education improvement. As well, he plans to take a tougher stance in regards to drug and fraud policies in New York State as he did as Attorney General. Cuomo is pro-choice and supports homosexual marriage.

            Carl Paladino is the former CEO of a Buffalo-based real estate company. He is a businessman turned politician. Paladino is primarily backed by the T.E.A party movement (which stands for Taxed Enough Already). He has chosen to focus his campaign on business reform and on improving the state educational system.

            Paladino plans on cutting the budget deficit by 10 to 20 percent by reducing salaries of government employees. He plans to cut welfare services provided to people not originally from New York State in order to shrink the budget deficit. He plans to change the welfare system by creating a law that states an individual must live in New York for one year before receiving any benefits.

            Paladino also intends to cut the Medicaid budget by refining the regulations regarding eligibility for Medicaid. He also wants to cut corporate franchise taxes. As well, Paladino wants to place taxes on Indian tribes in order to raise revenue. He's in favor of guns, opposes homosexual marriage and is pro-life.

            In America we have the freedom to choose our leaders by voting, and clearly the two candidates in the 2010 New York Gubernatorial race are as different as night and day. In many countries around the world the right for all citizens of legal age to vote is a foreign yet desired concept.  In many countries, their citizens don’t have the opportunity to have their voices heard like we have in America. People around the world fight and die every day to try to obtain the right to vote and have their voice heard, an idea far too many Americans take for granted. Tomorrow, on Election Day, don’t waste your freedom. Go out and tell your government what you think and want. And remember, if you fail to vote you lose your right to complain!





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