Are There Any Jobs for Students Out There?

By Emily Stoll







We’ve all heard how difficult it is to find a job in this economy, but how is this affecting Daemen students?  Can they find jobs?  And why do they pick the ones they have?

Students are employed in a variety of jobs, from landscaping to fast food to mall jobs.  A select few have jobs related to their majors, such as work at EduKids Daycare and Just for Kids for education majors, but the majority claimed to only have their jobs for the money.

Some chose their jobs for other reasons, though. 

Arthur Cruz joined Smart Squad to get himself out there and get involved with something he likes to do.  It’s also a matter of being self-reliant, since he doesn’t “want to have to depend on somebody else to fix my computer.”  Others, like Bianca Orwatt, pick a workplace because “that was the first one that offered me a job.”

“I was applying everywhere just trying to get a job,” said Juavon Bell.  Some like constant hours, others flexible, and some work multiple jobs to cover the cost of college.  So, how hard is it to get hired?  Apparently not too difficult if you know where to look, since the majority of students asked had steady jobs.

But those without a job at the moment face many obstacles.  Some have no transportation and are limited to walking-distance jobs or hours when they can hitch a ride with someone.  Other times the hours interfere with classes and homework.  Others simply have summer jobs, which their employers are generous enough to save for them until the vacation.

Students are doing well regardless of the economic problems of the country.  Whether they choose a job because they enjoy it or for a learning experience or simply for the money, there are many employment opportunities for those who seek them out.

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