Campus Ministry

An In-Depth Look at Daemen's Campus Ministry

By Emily Stoll

Every student has recieved the e-mails, but do you really know what Campus Ministry is all about?
As a Daemen student, you have access to so many departments and activities that it's easy to overlook some of them. Campus Ministry has many services to offer, but all too often it is forgotten.
One of the many services it offers is Bible Study group.  Bible Study is a student-led group affiliated with the worldwide organization, Campus Crusade for Christ.  The group occasionally gets together to attend Vintage, a Tuesday social event and service at the Chapel at Crosspoint.
Another activity offered by the Ministry is Daemen’s gospel choir, Voices of Zion.  The choir currently has about 30 voices, ranging from freshmen to seniors, and has been in existence for several years.  The group will be featured at the upcoming Interfaith Thanksgiving Service, which will be held in the Wick Center’s Alumni Lounge this Thursday, Nov. 18, at 4 p.m.  Be sure not to miss it, as it will be a great opportunity to learn and share among diverse religious backgrounds.
Students are asked to bring offerings of canned food to donate to the Buffalo City Mission, a men’s homeless shelter, or new and gently used pajamas for Cornerstone Manor, a women and children’s homeless shelter.  Events such as the Thanksgiving Service help students learn to embrace others’ religious beliefs while sharing their own.  “We do live in a pluralistic world,” says Rev. Salter-Smith, “and I think that’s key.”
In addition to services such as this, the Ministry sponsors Themed Coffee Hours throughout the semester, where students can meet and greet with Rev. Salter-Smith and others involved in Campus Ministry.  Students can make prayer requests while enjoying coffee, tea, and cookies and conversing with their peers.  Watch for e-mails with the specific dates and times.
One of the lesser-known services available to students is use of the Wright Chapel.  The recently painted Chapel is right on campus, in Duns Scotus room 115.  It is always open for students to come in, take off their shoes, and pray.  The Ministry also had a monthly Bereavement Group, though it's inactive this year.  However, Rev. Salter-Smith is available to provide one-on-one counseling for those who have suffered a loss.
According to Rev. Salter-Smith, being involved with Campus Ministry has a sort of ripple effect on students’ lives, helping them to have a great journey and experience in college.  When asked to recall her best experience with Campus Ministry, she replied, “I’ve enjoyed all of them.”  But the most humbling, she says, is when she took some students to Cornerstone Manor.
The excursion gave them a chance to see firsthand how some people who are homeless live.  They saw the conditions the people had to live in and the cubbyholes they used for beds.  For the students, she says, “It was an eye-opening experience.”
Involvement with Campus Ministry certainly does have its benefits.  From new friendships to strengthened faith to special Campus Ministry events, there are plenty of ways to get involved and to worship and praise.
For those interested in learning more about Campus Ministry, the office is on the first floor of the Wick Center, near Cyber Café.  Rev. Salter-Smith can be contacted at extension -8237, and more information can be found at

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