Dorm Life or Commute


By Emily Stoll

It was one of those tough decisions.

Or maybe not so tough, but it seems most students just starting college have a hard time deciding: is dorming really worth it?  The INSIGHT hit the streets to find out the pros and cons of both dorming and commuting from current students.

When asked why they chose not to dorm, commuters often cited money and very short travel time as their main reasons.  Residents usually claimed it was a matter of distance or that they felt it was more convenient to live on campus. 

Though it’s usually dorm life that is associated with freedom, some commuters say retaining this freedom is one of the benefits of their decision.  They do not become stranded on campus since a car is necessary.  “I’d rather live independently,” said Will Martin.

But according to Deanna Michael, “It’s just easier to be here on campus.”  Living in dorms has the advantage of being right in the middle of the action, with most college events just a step out your door.  Arthur Cruz said dorming allowed him to enjoy more freedom and more of the college lifestyle, not to mention the social aspect.  “I like dorming because I get to know more people,” Cruz said.

Though there are downsides to both decisions, none of them are major problems.  Some students dislike the meal plan they are forced to purchase, but the only other downside mentioned of dorming is the cost.  Commuting, on the other hand, provides less of a chance to meet people and be social.  Residents have the opportunity to be more involved since activities are a brief walk from home.

When The INSIGHT caught up with Brittany Meland, a commuter who was formerly a resident, she said that she enjoyed commuting and dorming “probably both equally.”  Though, when pressed for reasons why one may be an easier choice, she did have to admit, “If you’re on campus, it offers more activies.”

Commuting and dorming both have their advantages and disadvantages.  What is best to do often varies depending on the student, but the basic benefits of commuting and dorming remain the same.

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