I Don't Need a Drink That Bad

By Steven Zapel


            Many of us are probably familiar with The Steer, a bar and restaurant located on Main Street in Buffalo, but it’s one bar I wish I never wasted my money at. The Steer does provide a full bar, but the drinks are overpriced and weak. The Steer has a limited variety of beer, carrying mainly domestic brews.

            The Steer does attempt to cater sports fans with multiple high-definition televisions, but in order to watch them you have to get a seat at the bar or stand. The Steer has a single pool table, which is warped, forcing players to use duplicates of several balls in order to make a full rack. For a sports fan or bar game player, the best thing The Steer offers is its dart boards, but when the bar is full there is no chance of using them.

            On the Weekends The Steer attempts to be a dance club, but in actuality it’s way overcrowded and more like a bad fraternity party. The DJ’s play a poor mix of mainstream hip hop and top 40 music, and there is no jukebox for when there isn’t a DJ.

            The one time I was at The Steer was a Friday night, and I witnessed several fights break out and was elbowed or pushed out of the way multiple times throughout the night by people trying to pass by me. The Steer does have a very nice large circular bar, but its size makes it very difficult to gain a bartender’s attention when trying to order drinks.

            The best part about The Steer is its outdoor patio, which has two levels. On the top level there is a smaller bar open to get drinks from, but the upper patio is the first place to fill up with people and becomes overcrowded quickly. Also this patio is only open on busy nights and closed whenever the weather is poor.

            I would not recommend The Steer to any of my friends and would rather spend my money and time at any other of Buffalo’s countless bars and pubs. Until my next time with my latest bar review, bottoms up and remember to drink responsibly and never drink and drive!


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