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By Emily Stoll

There’s something exciting about becoming part of traditions, ones that sometimes go back for generations.
But what exactly constitutes a tradition?  Does it have to be something big and special?  Not according to the list in The DC Book: 50 Things to Do Before You Graduate.  The traditions in this book, which was created by the Student-Alumni

Ambassadors, range from simple things like having coffee at the RIC’s Daily Grind and relaxing at a TGIF in Cyber Café to night cross-country skiing at Byrncliff Resort and looking into study abroad.

The purpose of the book, according to Student-Alumni Ambassador Kirsten Sharp, is “to give students some sort of tradition to uphold and have fun with.”  For the small price of $10, it offers students a chance to explore, to do things that they otherwise may not have thought to.

“It provides a sense of unity on campus,” Sharp says.  The book makes an opportunity for students to work together toward a common goal—completing all of the traditions before graduation.  As students carry out the traditions, they can submit photos to their online list and stick them in the book itself.  And any who manage to submit pictures for enough traditions will be rewarded.

Completing ten traditions earns a Tradition Keeper car decal, twenty a Tradition Keeper t-shirt, thirty a Tradition Keeper Springfest mug, and 40 a Tradition Keeper Medal awarded during Graduation week.  Those tenacious few who are able to complete all 50 traditions will have their name immortalized on the Tradition Keeper website.

The Student-Alumni Ambassadors will soon begin sending out email reminders to owners of the book to promote uploading of photos, according to Sharp.

The idea for the book originated in 1997, when a list of traditions was created for Daemen’s 50 year anniversary.  The DC Book, which was born in 2010, brings that idea to the next level by spreading the word to even more students.
Becoming involved in the traditions of Daemen is an exciting prospect.  The campus bookstore carries copies of the book in case any potential Tradition Keepers come through its doors.

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Wow! Did you know service learning is important on Daemen’s campus?

The Western New York Service Learning Coalition, located on Daemen’s campus serves as a conduit for community organizations seeking service-learning students.

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Nick held several student leadership positions at Daemen and also completed an internship for graphic design. He recently traveled abroad to Italy with students and the department chair of the program.