RA's: Why They Do What They Do

What draws students to the RA position? Current RAs explain.

By Emily Stoll










What’s with the RA application craze?

How many of you have asked yourselves that over the past few weeks?  It seems there are a lot of students interested in the RA—or Resident Assistant—job.  Why are they really applying?  Some current RAs can provide insight into that.

Though the financial aspect doesn’t hurt things, current RAs said they applied for other reasons.  Giovanna Giurdanella really enjoyed the programs her RA did.  “I felt connected to her,” Giovanna said.  “It made me want to branch out.”  Another RA, sophomore Hannah Okel, said, “Something in me knew this job was me.”

Some said they like the leadership and mentoring.  But for others, it was their only way to be involved in the campus.  The job can sometimes be the make-it-or-break-it factor in whether they remain at Daemen.

When asked about their favorite parts of their jobs, some of the RAs said it’s just knowing that they’ve helped someone.  Others enjoy the creative aspect, or programming.  Another said the best part was just having talks and hanging out with the residents.

But, as with everything, where there is good, there is also bad.  The bad parts of the RA jobs, according to current RAs, are paperwork, disciplining, and when a resident makes an unwise decision that gets them in trouble.

This doesn’t stop students from applying, though.  From psychology to graphic design to PA, and from sophomores to seniors, the RAs are a very diverse group.  However, they do have some things in common, like good listening, people skills, and friendly attitudes.

RAs lead busy lives, between doing their own work and helping residents with their problems.  Still, they are not only willing but happy to help.  So, next time you see your RA, be sure to say hi and thank them for all that they do.

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