Review of 'Late Bloomer'

By Anne Brady


A late bloomer is a flower that usually takes just a little longer than the rest of the crop to develop, but when it does, its unexpected burst of color adds something unique and beautiful to the world. The expression "late bloomer" is often applied to human beings, as it is in Fern Michaels' novel of the same title. 

The expression is applied to Cady Jordan, the daughter of a scamming preacher and his submissive wife. At age 10, Cady met with her friends to ride their homemade zip line before she moved, so that she would not leave Indigo Valley, Pennsylvania with the reputation of a chicken. A tragic accident left her badly injured and another boy dead.

Twenty years later, Cady is a quiet, sheltered young woman, still haunted by an accident she can't remember, and that her parents will not discuss. When she moves back to her home town to be near her grandmother, Lola Jordan, (an aging movie star with an incredible personality and a knack for getting what she wants) Cady begins to come out of her shell and -- for the sake of her own sanity -- attempts to unravel the mystery surrounding that fateful day.

 The only people who actually know what happened are her former childhood friends, who may or may not have reasons of their own to keep Cady Jordan from finding out what actually happened on that frightful day twenty years ago.

Fern Michaels manages to paint a literary, multi-dimensional portrait of not only Cady Jordan, but of all the people in her life. With some prodding from Lola, a new wardrobe, a blossoming romance, and a lot of soul and memory searching, Cady Jordan finally exhibits her brilliant display of color to the world. With her new-found confidence, she becomes an influence on everyone around her.

With her sassy, multi-dimensional characters, hilarious situations, and a buildup of suspense, Fern Michaels’ Late Bloomer is a definite page-turner. Morally and emotionally-charged, Fern Michaels has expertly crafted this must-read, and if you're anything like me, you won't be able to put it down until the end.

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