Welcome Back Daemen, From The Insight

Return of The Insight

Daemen would like to formally welcome everyone to the second volume of its very own, environmentally-friendly school newspaper, The INSIGHT.  Our staff looks forward to an exciting and productive year with all of our former and new readers. We would like to encourage both students and professors to check in every two weeks for a new edition of The INSIGHT, as we will be covering many campus, community, and worldwide events.

Some stories the staff is currently working on include an article on the importance of having a passport; trends in the tattoo craze; local sports; the learning center; things students should know about entering graduate school, and much, much more. A column on current fashion trends, as well as Daemen’s own advice column, are well under way, and those should be up in the next few weeks.

Our staff always welcomes new writers who wish contribute to the paper, as well as any ideas for future articles or events our readers would like to see our staff cover. If you'd would like to contribute to The INSIGHT, please contact editor Steven Zapel, or the paper’s faculty advisor, Prof. Paul Chimera. (E-mail addresses are listed below) 

Currently our e-paper is undergoing yet another change. Last year The INSIGHT was published online through the Daemen College website, and this year our publication will be moving to its very own webpage in the upcoming weeks. There will be a link available on the Daemen College website to make access to The INSIGHT easy for both students and faculty. This change is being made in order to provide our staff more freedom to make the paper a unique reading experience, as well as enhancing the interaction between our readers and staff members.

Once again on behalf of our staff, we're glad to be back up and running and look forward to providing our readers and Daemen College our new and improved student newspaper! We look forward to an amazing year here at Daemen, and hope everyone continues to read and enjoy our paper.


Steven Zapel (Editor of The INSIGHT): szapel@daemen.edu

Paul Chimera (Advisor to The INSIGHT): pchimera@daemen.edu

By: Nicholas Sabia


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Daemen Professors & Students from several departments work at a public clinic to provide free medical care in Progreso Dos in the Dominican Republic during the semester break.

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