Why We Love Living on Campus

Want to hear how students love living on campus? Here are three current students testimonies about living on campus and decorating their rooms!

Canavan Hall:

Today, we will learn about Nicole and Katrina's first year here at Daemen College. Nicole is a Physician Assistant major and Katrina is a Psychology major. They both met at Orientation.


How long have you been a resident at Daemen?

Both Nicole and Katrina have been residents since Fall of 2013 at Daemen College.


What’s your favorite part about living on campus?

Both Nicole and Katrina love how they are close to teachers and friends. With that campus resources are readily accessible and it's easy to go to the library to study whenever they need to.


Why was it important for you to decorate your room?

To make your room feel homey and comfortable.


What advice would you give to new students living on campus?

Nicole- Get out on campus and try to be apart of clubs. Try new things.

Katrina- Make your room how you want to express yourself and feel homey so you don’t want to go home every weekend.


Campus Village:

Today, we will learn more about Ashley. Ashley will graduate in 2015 and is a double major in Business and Health Care studies.




How long have you been a resident at Daemen?

Ashley has been a resident student for three years. Her first year experience was in Canavan and has lived in apartments for the last 2 years.


What’s your favorite part about living on campus?

Ashley loves being so close to classes and the library. She has a car but everything is close so she does not have to use it on a regular basic. 


How hard was it to decorate your room?

Ashley planned her room out and made decorations before moving in.  It took her a couple weeks to get everything together over the summer but once she was here it took about an entire afternoon to put up everything in her room.


Why was it important for you to decorate your room?

For Ashley; decorating her room gives her a sense of home even when she is far away.  It reminds her of home and family, and is a nice place for her to go back to and relax.


What advice would you give to incoming freshmen living on campus?

Take advantage of living on campus to meet people and to transition through the years with them. Ashley met her roommates freshmen year and for the past two years, they have lived together on campus. She states that they "sort of built our own family on campus." Ashley high recommends making  your room yours and decorate it so you feel comfortable.



We want your residency at Daemen to feel like home! We hope these bios allow you to get a sense of why our students love living on campus. Have questions? Call us at 716-839-8200

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