Judicial System and Sanctions

In determining appropriate sanctions when violations of the Residence Hall Contract are addressed, Daemen College's judicial system takes into consideration the interests of all parties involved in the incident and the overall well-being of the Daemen College community. The student’s disciplinary record is also taken into consideration. Daemen college will consider the nature and severity of the offense, injury or harm resulting from the prohibited behavior, and any other factors relevant to the situation at hand. Daemen College's judicial process attempts to take an educational response to any and all cases.


It is not possible to provide a complete list of every sanction, however the following list gives a broad overview of the possible sanctions that a student may be given. Daemen College reserves the right to impose other reasonable sanctions or to combine sanctions as it sees appropriate.


- Warning(s) - Students can receive either a verbal warning or a written warning (depending on the violation), notifying the student that a violation of the Residence Hall Contract occurred and that any further violations of misconduct may result in more severe disciplinary action.


- Fines - Daemen College reserves the right to impose fines as appropriate, in addition to requiring payment for costs associated with the offenses (restitution for damages). Policy violations that may result in a fine as part of the imposed sanction may include but are not limited to: alcohol, marijuana, fire safety violations, etc.


- Restitution - Students may be required to make payment to the College related to the misconduct for damage, destruction, defacement, or unauthorized use of property.


- Educational projects/ initiatives - Students may be required to complete a project, a written assignment, attend an educational program, or seek assistance from Daemen College resources.  


- Loss of Privileges - Denial of the right to participate in certain activities or privileges for a designated period of time.


- Probation - Is for a designated period of time and includes the possibility of more severe disciplinary action if found responsible for violating the Residence Hall Contract, including suspension from Daemen College housing, during that period of time.   


- Relocation or Removal from housing - Students can be either relocated from one living space to another or removed entirely from Daemen College housing.

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In Daemen, I took ESL classes to improve my English. I worked at Canavan Desk and made a lot of friends over there. I participated in a Business dinner with my professors. I was invited to join a family party by my professors. During the weekends, I often take the school shuttle to the shopping mall. These experiences helped me to ease into the American-style of study, life, and business.