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Campus life is a major part of your "college experience". It is a stepping stone towards personal growth. It is a journey to self-discovery. Where else can you be at the center of it all, get to know people and form lifelong friendships, depend on yourself, get involved in activities and clubs, do your own laundry, cook an occasional meal, and meet people from all over of the world?

By living on campus, you have Daemen at your fingertips. You have access to clubs, student government, events, concerts, and athletics. It is a short walk to classrooms, laboratories, studios, the library, computer labs and much more. 

Housing surveys for new students are available through your Daemen Connections Page in May. For all students, official housing assignments will be emailed out this summer. 

Move In Dates for 2015-2016

First Year/ Transfers: September 5th from 9 AM -12 PM
Returning Students:  September 5th from 2 PM- 5 PM

  • Students will receive more information on move in dates and protocol when housing assignments are mailed to students. This occurs in the summer of 2015. If you need information prior, please call our office at 716-829-8200.

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Cost of Living on Campus; 2015-2016

Residence and Board* All figures are pending approval by Daemen College's Board of Trustees.

Canavan Hall: $8,850/ year

Campus Village Apartments: $9,990/ year

All students residing on campus are required to have a meal plan. Residents of Canavan Hall are required to have a 19 meal plan. If a student has any severe dietary restrictions, please fill out the "special accommodations form."

Canavan Hall Triple Room Credit

$ 300.00 per semester- students will receive a credit to their account only if they triple room has three people occupying the space. Room credits are dispersed around mid-terms.

Collegiate Village

Collegiate Village, 2 Bedroom Apartment: $10,475/ year

Collegiate Village, 4 Bedroom Apartment: $10,000/ year

Collegiate Village, 2 Bedroom Apartment: $10,475/year 

Meal Plans

19 Meal Plan and 80 DC Bucks: $3,200/ year

14 Meal Plan and 100 DC Bucks: $2,800/ year

10 Meal Plan and 120 DC Bucks: $2,725/ year

Room Deposit Fee:

$100.00/ yr

  • New students pay room deposit through Admissions
  • Returning students pay room deposit at Student Accounts, and then receive their housing card.
    • Room deposits are still required if a student is interested in housing for the spring semester.

World of Opportunity Wizard

Wow! Did you know that Daemen has been recognized by the President of the United States?

Daemen College has been named to the 2008 Presidents Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll with Distinction – recognized as a national leader for its service learning programs.

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Student Profiles

Feifei - Global Business

Global Business

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In Daemen, I took ESL classes to improve my English. I worked at Canavan Desk and made a lot of friends over there. I participated in a Business dinner with my professors. I was invited to join a family party by my professors. During the weekends, I often take the school shuttle to the shopping mall. These experiences helped me to ease into the American-style of study, life, and business.