The Woodhall Institute

After Naomi Wolf's visit to Daemen College in the Fall of 2003, Daemen College partnered with her to offer Daemen women the opportunity to participate in the Woodhull Institute for Ethical Leadership, an intensive workshop at the retreat house in the Berkshire Mountains.

Institute Overview:

It is common for college students to experience anxiety about what they will do after graduation. The Woodhull Institute’s College Women’s Ethical Leadership Training will focus on the development of a specific set of skills to assist young women in making a significantly smoother transition to the working world, graduate school or other pursuits. The Retreat builds upon Woodhull’s standard ethical leadership curriculum, which provides women with practical skills pertinent to their success in their communities, schools and workplaces. Participants will reflect on their past accomplishments as well as their dreams for the future, while learning concrete steps to turn those dreams into a reality.

Through its wide network of women leaders, the Woodhull Institute is able to provide mentors, the opportunity for mentoring others, and valuable resources that will be sure to enhance the probability of success for the participants, and stimulate new aspirations and achievements.


A team of Woodhull Professionals, Fellows and Scholars will teach the women skills to prepare them for leadership roles in their communities. The three-day retreat includes modules on: Ethics and Leadership Development, Public Speaking, Negotiation, Interview Skills, Job Seeking Strategies, Financial Literacy, Advocacy and Identity/Voice workshops. Meditation, hiking, journaling and group discussions are encouraged.

Who should apply

Women who are interested in increasing their capacity for professional and personal development through training workshops, group discussions and introspective work.


The cost of the weekend is fully funded by Daemen College. This includes transportation from Daemen to the retreat house and back, meals, retreat materials, and a black dress for the commencement reception.

What Participants Can Expect to Gain:

  • Real world skills in negotiation, financial literacy, and public speaking
  • The know-how to network with other women leaders
  • A deeper understanding of ethics and leadership
  • An abundance of self-awareness and confidence, and a clearer vision for the future!

Important Dates
Daemen College is currently working with the Woodhull Institute to finalize the date for the program. Please come back soon for exact dates and times
Nominations and application materials due end of April
Woodhull Institute for Ethical Leadership end of August

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