Academic Department Assessment Templates

Mission, SLO, and Assessment Plan Template 2018 

2018-19 Academic Dept Assessment Template

For the Spring 2018 Assessment cycle, the VP of Academic Affairs and Divisional Deans requested that all academic departments update their Mission, Outcome & Assessment Plan Statements, including strategic plan goals through 2020. If you did not update your department statement in 2018, please do so now.

Annual Academic Department Assessment Reports are due to Divisional Deans by June 15.  Upload your report or email it to and it will be uploaded for you.

Divisional Deans’ Reports are due to the VP of Academic Affairs by July 1.

Learning Goal Alignment Maps

Academic Program Review

Academic Departments that are participating in program review should send program review reports to the EPC chair by September 30.  

EPC Five Year Program Template 2019-20