Daemen College, in partnership with our dining provider, Hallmark Management Services, is pleased to announce the new Den Project opening in the Fall of 2016.  Located in the heart of the Wick Student Center and created in the footprint of the current Cyber Café, the Den will be a dining and social space like no other on campus.  Students will not be limited to one style of seating as the Den will feature small dining tables, high tops, lounge seating, booths, and space for individuals who want to plug in and relax.  State of the Art entertainment system will provide cable TV for those who want it, music for others, and a space for students, faculty, or staff to collaborate and control their own screen.  For the times when the weather is nice in Buffalo, the Den will open directly onto the patio for outside dining or relaxing.  Too often we hear that students want more places to relax, entertain, and study.  As the only building and space open 24/7, the Den will provide just that for students.

And during operating hours, the Den will feature a brand new dining experience for all.  For those who want traditional grill staples such as burgers, fries, and chicken fingers, the Den will offer those, as well as other grill favorites.  For those who want something different, the Den will feature a rotating Made-to-Order side where students can either get Asian, Mexican, or Italian cuisine made to order.  These three concepts will rotate throughout the Den on a regular basis to offer regular variety and a plethora of options.

The dining experience in the Den will be built around quality, efficiency, and value as the space is being completely redesigned, and new staffing added, to ensure top quality service.  Additionally, all student meal plans will have increased Dining Dollars to spend at the Den, providing them with greater flexibility.