To mark the occasion of our 75th anniversary, Daemen College and its dedicated community seek to raise $22 million through a unique and comprehensive campaign to elevate our beloved institution. The Drive to 75 Campaign builds on our unwavering commitment to improving educational offerings, enhancing our campus facilities, and strengthening our endowment.

Building on Daemen’s rich history from its beginnings as Rosary Hill College, this campaign is the largest in our history, and will have a tremendous long-term impact on our students, faculty, and alumni for generations to come.

This impact includes:

  • Endowed scholarships and professorships to provide funding for the brightest campus minds, in perpetuity.
  • Enhanced program funding to elevate the academic success of students not only on our campus, but in international and co-curricular pursuits.
  • Enhanced facilities across our campus to provide the highest quality academic, student life, and athletic spaces.

For more information about Daemen's Drive to 75 Campaign, please contact:

Craig Harris
Vice President of Institutional
716.839.8469 |