Endowment is the lifeblood of any private college or university and a tangible measurement of an institution’s commitment to the future. Invested wisely, endowments ensure sustained excellence over the long term. Donors to endowed funds become part of the perpetual legacy of Daemen College. Endowed scholarships and professorships allow the College to pursue the highest quality students and faculty to provide a dynamic campus environment, filled with the highest levels of intellectual rigor and discourse. 

Student scholarships are vital to Daemen’s ability to enable students to apply their knowledge and talents with expertise and passion. A healthy scholarship endowment protects against rising tuition burdens and allows the College to compete financially with peer institutions during the college enrollment process. Strong endowments sustain and enhance our leadership in the future of the ever changing higher education landscape. It is vitally important that Daemen maintain its competiveness in scholarship offerings.  Through endowed scholarships, we will attract a highly capable and diverse student body that will prepare student to succeed and thrive in our increasingly global society.

Endowed professorships make it possible for Daemen to attract, retain, and honor the most dynamic and talented faculty.  Our students are challenged and driven to succeed by the mentorship of the highest quality faculty.  Endowed professorships are the highest honor faculty can receive, and are enormously helpful in recruitment, and retention, of top tier faculty. Endowed support enables them to initiate groundbreaking research, and pioneer projects that offer the greatest potential to impact society, while teaching and training the next generation of student leaders.  Endowed professorships are a lasting tribute to the donor, as a legacy of intellectual support is built for lifetimes ahead.

With the relentless drive to produce graduates prepared to be the leaders of tomorrow, endowed funds ensure that Daemen can provide our top notch private education for generations to come.