Based on Recommendations by Ad Hoc Study Committee on Summer School 2000/01 Drafted by Kathleen C. Boone, Associate Dean of the College



Department chairs and ultimately divisional deans will be responsible for monitoring enrollment in summer classes, with a view to ensuring that students are well-served and that summer session offerings are cost-effective. To that end: 

  • Except in programs in which summer study is required of all students (e.g., physical therapy, physician assistant), multiple sections of the same course will be avoided. This policy pertains both to multiple sections in the same session and offerings of the same course in different sessions.
  • Catalog courses offered on an "independent study" basis should be listed on the schedule with meeting time and place indicated as "arranged." Students will register for the course in the ordinary way (i.e., without using separate independent study forms) and faculty will be compensated according to the summer school pay rates described below. Independent or directed study on a special topic of the faculty member's/student's choice (i.e., not an existing course) should be processed using the Independent Study form, with the faculty member first contacting the department chair for authorization. To ensure compensation, the form must be forwarded to the divisional dean for contract issuance.


Faculty are paid either a percentage of their base salary (at the rate of 8% for a 3-credit hour course) or, in the case of low-enrolled classes, 75% percent of the tuition paid by the student(s)--whichever amount is lower. Rates of pay, not actual salary, will be stated in the faculty contract; the dollar amount of compensation will be calculated only after finalization of enrollment, approximately one week after the beginning of classes . No paychecks can be issued before finalization of enrollment. The faculty member may monitor enrollments prior to the start of the class in order to exercise his/her right to refuse the contract without prejudice in the event of low enrollment unacceptable to the faculty member.


Department chairs should forward details of all summer session classes/faculty in their departments to their divisional dean who will review the requests, consult with department chairs as needed, and issue contracts. (This procedure is identical to the procedure currently in place for part-time and overload contract requests during regular semesters.)