Abrianna Adler

Physician Assistant & Spanish

I hope to work in a field of medicine where I can make the most out of my Spanish language skills, whether this is in the emergency department, primary care, an intensive care unit, or in a pediatric office. As a PA, we can practice medicine under the supervision of the doctor in almost any field -- I am excited to see where I will end up!

What was your reason for coming to Daemen College?

I wanted to attend a smaller college that had a 5 year program for Physician Assistant (PA) studies, as well as opportunities to study abroad and learn a foreign language. When I visited Daemen as a senior in High School, I fell in love with the friendly atmosphere of the campus, its size, and its facilities, such as the gross anatomy lab and the newly built RIC library. I knew Daemen was also the right school for me because of how the faculty in each department valued positive teacher-student relationships and small class sizes. The PA, Spanish, and the Global Programs departments were all willing to help map out my college core classes, future internships, and international experiences so I could achieve my goals in more than one subject. I felt confident that by coming to Daemen I would receive a superior and diverse education.

What do you aspire to be after college/what are your career plans?

I came to Daemen hoping to become a PA who would be bilingual in Spanish. As I am in my last year of the PA program in the clinical rotation phase, I am proud and excited that I will soon be out in the medical field and able to care for patients whose primary language is Spanish. I received my Spanish degree as a junior at Daemen while completing the undergraduate requirements in math and science for the PA program. I even studied abroad to Spanish-speaking countries three times! These experiences at Daemen have helped shaped my future as a PA. I hope to work in a field of medicine where I can make the most out of my language skills, whether this is in the emergency department, primary care, an intensive care unit, or in a pediatric office. As a PA, we can practice medicine under the supervision of the doctor in almost any field. I am excited to see where I will end up!

Please describe your impressions of Daemen College.

I feel at home and comfortable when I am at Daemen. I enjoy running into my classmates and professors around the campus. I have spent the majority of my time in the RIC library and I have really appreciated the resources that are available to the students. The librarians, smart quad staff, and the faculty in the learning center are always there to answer your questions and guide you in the right direction. I benefited from the student tutors during my undergraduate years in the Learning Center, where I received help in chemistry, physiology, and microbiology at no cost. I also have enjoyed non-academic events, such as the TGIF nights in Cyber Café hosted by different clubs and organizations. Overall, studying at Daemen College has helped me mature as a student and make life-long friendships.

Tell us about your life outside of academics: clubs, sports, hobbies, things to do around Buffalo, NY.

There are many clubs and organizations that students can be a part of at Daemen. I was active in the Students Without Borders (SWOB) and Physician Assistant Student Society (PASS) clubs. In these organizations, my fellow members and I participated in fundraising events at the Sabres hockey games downtown for our trip to the Dominican Republic, where we would bring medical supplies and other necessities for an underserved community. We also held our own fundraising events for local charities such as Wing’s Flights of Hope, where they provide free medical flights to patients in need. We also took part in on-campus picnics and participated at Open House events to welcome and get to know other students.

I have also enjoyed going to Daemen sporting events such as the basketball and soccer games. It is fun to cheer on our home teams and support the impressive student-athletes that also attend Daemen. I also like to exercise at the fitness center at Daemen in between studying for upcoming exams. Around Buffalo, I have enjoyed going to different restaurants for Chinese, Mediterranean, Mexican, or Greek food on Elmwood. Daemen is located in a safe area that is in the center of many surrounding businesses, shopping centers, and restaurants. I particularly enjoy the emerging food truck business in Buffalo. Some of these delicious and authentic food trucks visit the front lawn of Daemen on Main Street once a week.

Please describe any internship, study abroad, service learning, or academic experience (Academic Festival or research you are working on or have worked on in the past).

Fortunately, I have had many study abroad experiences with the help of Daemen’s Global Programs Office. First, I studied abroad in Guanajuato, Mexico for 6 months where I received a grant under the North American Mobility Project. I completed a project in sustainability focusing on health and attended the University of Guanajuato with other foreign exchange students from Japan, Germany, and England. I also studied abroad for a summer in Seville, Spain, where I completed an internship at a geriatric residency where I learned about common medical illnesses in the elderly, while strengthening my Spanish-speaking skills. I was even able to travel to Barcelona, Portugal, and Morocco on the weekends when I was off from my internship. Recently, I traveled with my fellow PA classmates, alumni of the PA program, and doctors from Buffalo, to the Dominican Republic under SWOB. We set up and ran a free health care clinic in an underserved community for over 300 locals. As PA students, we got the chance to learn about common medical illnesses, how to take medical histories, and how important it is to lend a hand to those in need.

Through Daemen, I have also participated in unique service learning and Academic Festival experiences. I completed a service learning project at a fair trade store called El Buen Amigo located in downtown Buffalo where I practiced Spanish with people in the community and helped to create workshops in art, music, and dance. I have participated in Daemen’s Academic Festival a few times. I presented my Spanish thesis that I wrote on breast cancer rehabilitation. I also presented a research project in a small group of PA students on a specific heart disease to raise awareness of the condition. "The academic festival was a great experience to be a part of. It is a fantastic event to see what students of all majors and departments are working on and developing. Students present their research, art exhibitions, and performances to the entire community