The program details business practices in the North American Free Trade Agreement, European Union, and emerging economies in Asia, Middle East, and Latin America. Students work on integrating international planning, strategic management, cross-cultural business negotiations, ethics, and global market opportunities.

Program Highlights

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  • Students develop the cross-cultural skills in demand for international business management.
  • Classes provide relevant theoretical and practical insights concerning the role international politics, economics, culture, exchange rates, and foreign policies play in today’s global market.
  • Dedicated and experienced professors with international backgrounds provide personalized attention to each student.
  • The program focuses on the impact of global change on corporate strategies and patterns of international trade.
  • Students differentiate themselves to employers by learning a new language. Daemen provides all modern language learning tools to International Business students.
  • An emphasis on the development of students’ interpersonal and written communication skills. 
  • Students work collaboratively with others in a variety of settings that help them contribute positively to their local and international business communities.
  • Students may participate in the LEAP (Leadership, Ethics, and Professionalism) Academy to develop and enhance their leadership ability, ethical discernment, and professional attitudes and behavior.

About the International Business Specialization

David Morales

Internship: Liberty Pumps

“At my internship, I am responsible for finding potential international distributors. Since I learned about various cultures and their business practices at Daemen, I felt confident when contacting companies in Chile, Colombia, Brazil, Panama, and Argentina.” “Learning about business theories and practices coupled with the understanding of different cultures in the global market gave me a huge advantage to succeed at my internship.”

Specialization Information Sheets

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