As a graduate student enrolled in Daemen College’s Masters in Special Education program, you will receive individualized attention from knowledgeable and dedicated faculty, have opportunities to work with children with special needs, attend classes that effectively prepare you to teach Common Core standards-based lesson plans, integrate technology, and understand the laws that protect students with IEPs. 

Daemen’s Education Department is nationally accredited by the Teacher Education Accreditation Council (TEAC)/Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) from May 3, 2013-May 3, 2020.  

Program Highlights

  • Small classes allow for individualized attention.
  • Opportunities to work with children with disabilities in both suburban and urban settings.
  • Coursework prepares students for all aspects of their future careers by learning how to write and implement lesson plans aligned to the Common Core Learning Standards, to understanding the laws that protect students with IEPs.
  • Students learn from knowledgeable faculty practical ways to conduct research and how to apply research-based strategies.
  • Daemen’s Education Department is nationally accredited by TEAC from May 3, 2013-May 3, 2020

Degree Options

Additional Program Information

Learning Technology

Video is a powerful tool for our teacher candidate's self-assessment.  The Daemen College Teacher Preparation Program has invested in technology that allows our students to record their lessons hands-free to video.  The Swivl robot records the audio and video of the candidate while following them in a  360-degree pattern throughout their classrooms.  The Swivl app uploads the video to a secure cloud where the students can edit their work with the Swivl video editing tool. 

SwivlSwivl technology is installed in our newly created tech lab where our students learn to embed technology, including Smartboards, iPads, educational, and assessment and management apps, into their lesson plans. The complete range of digital educational tools that Daemen has invested in gives our teacher candidates a distinct advantage as they grow towards becoming the next generation of educational professionals. 

Olivia Harris

Special Education, M.S.

Prior to my student teaching experiences, the Special Education aspect of my program was just a requirement to me—I didn’t feel very connected to it.  All of that changed after my Special Education student teaching experience—it changed my life.  So, when it came time to apply for graduate school and chose and area of study, I knew I was going to continue my education in the Special Education field.  READ MORE

Samantha Schaefer

Special Education (1-6), MS

Currently, I am a Graduate Assistant at The Thomas Reynolds Center. This is an extremely exciting opportunity considering I will have my own classroom and students. READ MORE

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Special Ed Childhood 1-6  Thomas Reynolds Center

For more information, contact Lisa Waterrose, Director of the Thomas Reynolds Center for Special Education and Graduate Advisor at