Students in the PWR track will become well practiced in composing purposeful, powerful, and persuasive writing that suits differing audiences, contexts, and media. Our program encourages students to select coursework targeted toward their professional interests and strengths—journalism, public relations, writing studies, and rhetoric—while exploring principles and tactics employed in writing across public, workplace, and educational settings

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In addition to studying literature, you can choose your area of specialization in writing, selecting a variety of innovative courses on topics such as Social Media, Rhetoric and Argumentation, News Writing, and Writing for the Web.

Program Highlights

  • Small class sizes (12:1 student/faculty ratio) facilitate interaction with faculty members dedicated to teaching through personal attention to each student.
  • Students and faculty in the PWR program recognize the power and dynamism of communication in the twenty-first-century workplace and work together to tailor courses, real-world writing opportunities, and the classroom environment to engage students in the kinds of investigative, enterprising, and creative strategies writing professionals use in their everyday work.
  • Daemen offers 3 programs in 1 department which are aligned with the college’s mission and core competencies: Literature, Writing, and Communications. 
  • Our cohort approach allows for English majors to be in the same English courses their first four semesters.
  • The core English curriculum prepares students for positions that require reading, writing, critical and creative thinking abilities, as well as for graduate study in a variety of professional fields.
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“After Daemen, I want to take my degree and try to make it as a sports broadcaster. For as long as I could remember, I've been told that I have the voice to do TV or radio. My eagerness in wanting to pursue this profession lead me and a classmate to start our own on-campus podcast in partnership with Daemen athletics. This podcast is shown all over campus, and it’s exciting because I was able to take concepts I learned in the classroom and apply it to something I’m passionate about. I want to go out there and try to get my foot in any door that would lead me to the career that I've wanted all my life.”

For more information, contact Nancy Marck Cantwell, Chair of the English Department, at 716-839-8541 or

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