English students have the opportunity to publish work in the following publications:

  • The Insight: earn up to 3 credits as writers for the college’s newspaper  
  • Iconoclast: Iconoclast is the literary journal of Daemen College. 

The Insight is the student-run newspaper of Daemen College. Its purpose is to inform, entertain, and serve the Daemen College community by reporting campus activities and events accurately, ethically, and objectively.


Iconoclast is the literary journal of Daemen College.  The editorial staff, rotating each semester with students from a wide range of disciplines, seeks to present Daemen creative writers in context of the larger world of contemporary written arts. 

students on campus

Iconoclub is a student-run creative writing collective of Daemen College.  It was created by the editors of Iconoclast so they could workshop their own poetry and prose together and with the campus community.