Pre-veterinary students at Daemen College typically major in Biology or Biochemistry as these majors include all of the courses required for acceptance into veterinary medical school. The program provides students with a strong scientific background leading to success in their professional program.

Program Highlights

  • Students gain hands-on experience conducting research with a faculty mentor for two years and completing a senior thesis based on their research.
  • Study abroad experiences are also encouraged to enhance global and cultural awareness.
  • Service learning is required for all majors at Daemen College which is congruent with the mission of many medical schools.
  • Internship opportunities with local vet clinics, animal shelters, wildlife rehabilitation facilities, and zoos.  
  • Core concentrations in health policy can set you apart from other pre-veterinary students.
  • Strong scientific preparation by highly qualified faculty.
  • Hands-on research requirement with Natural Science faculty having a wide variety of research interests in areas such as: wound healing, developmental biology, animal behavior, forensic science, marine biology, physical chemistry of wound dressings, ecology, anatomical evolution, environmental chemistry, microbiology, organic chemistry, and brain electrical activity.
  • State of the art laboratories and equipment.
  • Pre-veterinary advisors.

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