The 48th annual All High Exhibition was an overwhelming success!  The show opened Sunday, February 5th, bringing together students, parents, and art educators from Western New York and beyond.  The event culminated with our awards ceremony honoring the best student artwork in multiple categories with both scholarships and cash prizes. As always, the student work - from this year's contemporary sculpture awarded Best in Show to the traditional examples of still-life rendered in oil - shows the enormous amount of talent and skill fostered through the art educators in Western New York.

  • Best in Show $3,000: Kerstynn Reifsteck, Pioneer Central Schools 
  • Best Illustration $2,000 : Naija Boles, Buffalo Academy for the Visual & Performing Arts
  • Best Graphic Design $2,000  :  Mariellen Richardson, Buffalo Academy for the Visual & Performing Art
  • Best Painting $2,000: Julia Koprevich, Grand Island HS
  • Best Photo $2,000: Tyler Biaz, The Gow School
  • Best Print $2,000: Umaporn Samudrala, Lewiston-Porter HS
  • Best Three-Dimensional $2,000: Loralie Beaupre-Levesque, Lewiston-Porter HS
Honorable Mentions $1,000
  • Paige Wetherwax, Royalton-Hartland HS
  • Faith Nunz, Depew HS
  • Bethany Reigelman, Amherst HS
  • Amber Palka, Sweet Home HS
  • Arianna Filiaci, Fairport HS
  • Sarah Mertzlufft, Iroquois HS
  • Calvin Hardick, Clarence HS
  • Danielle Kibler, Pioneer HS
  • Sibyl Delgrolice, Niagara Falls HS
  • Nazariel Gonzalez, Tonawanda HS

All High Winners

Naija Boles "Life or Death"

Best Drawing

Tyler Biaz "Dreams"

Best Photograph

Umaporn Samudrala​ "Unfurled"

Best Print

Loralie Beaupre-Levesque​ "Ladder of Inspiration"

Best Three-Dimensional

Bernadette Woodbury "Reluctancy"

Buffalo Society of Artists Award

Mariellen Richardson "Untitled'

Best Graphic Design

Julia Koprevich "Still Life with Skull"

Best Painting

Kerstynn Reifsteck​  "Once We Were Trees"

Best in Show

Honorable Mentions

Watercolor Pencil

Bethany Reigelman "A Team Effort"

Digital Photo

Danielle Kibler "Lifespan"


Arianna Filiaci​ "Papa' "

Clay & Acrylic Paint

Faith Nunz "The Zombsicle"

Colored Pencil

Calvin Hardick​ "My Own Universe"

 Acrylic on Canvas

Sibyl Delgrolice​ "Say Cheese"


Amber Palka​ "Seasonal Studies"

Acrylic Paint

Paige Wetherwax "Her Majesty"


Sarah Mertzlufft​ "Deep End"

Pen & Ink

Nazariel Gonzalez "Superbowl 50 Comic"