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The Bachelor of Science in Arts Administration directs students through a program of studio art or theater with a solid background of business communications, marketing, and management skills. Students have the option to complete a Masters in Arts Administration within one year of their graduation.


The Department of Visual and Performing Arts offers students with a strong commitment to the arts the means to foster, support, present or promote any one of numerous artistic disciplines. Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees will benefit students whose interests lie in working for one or more of the thousands of theatres, art galleries, museums, symphonies, arts councils, and not-for-profit arts organizations nationwide.We encourage applicants who wish to work in the arts and are in search of professional ties with arts organizations both nationwide and abroad.

Students choose between a focus in one of three tracks:

Program Objectives

A distinctive feature of the program is the emphasis on the practical experience within diverse arts organizations from Western New York's rich cultural landscape. The program emphasizes practical training, networking, and hands-on experience with non-profit museums, theaters, and galleries.

  • Learn how to lead and be a member of a team dedicated to sustaining the arts.
  • Learn fundraising and budgetary practices.
  • Learn how to raise both earned (tickets, admissions) and unearned (grants, corporate gifts, fundraising) income.
  • Learn how to curate exhibits, write promotional and educational materials, or work on a theater production's creative team.
  • Understand and adapt to organizational and economic change.
  • Work closely with artists and administrators who bring the arts to the public.

Program Information

Arts Administration Master’s Program

Earn your Master’s in Arts Administration within one year of graduation.

For more information, contact Dr. Robert Waterhouse, Department of Visual and Performing Arts, at or (716) 566-7826.