IND 230-01 Monday 3 :30-4:30pm  Elizabeth Campbell

In this course students work with a refugee resettlement organization to help introduce newly arrived refugees to Buffalo. Students interview an individual or family about their experiences in their home country and the United States. In class, students read about the challenges refugees face and learn methods for oral history that they will use to create a final project.


SITE (# students per day)




VAN leaves at


Jewish Family Services (2)


Helping refugee adults read, write, and speak English




9:00am- 11:00 am


8:30 am


Response to Love (3)



Helping refugee adults read, write, and speak English


Tuesday & Thursday



9:00-11:00 am


8:30 am




The IND 348 Service Learning in Uganda course is a collaborative health education project with Bethlehem Parent School (BPS) and Orphanage in the rural Rakai region. Students may be of any major and year of study and there is no language requirement as English is an official language in Uganda.  Students will meet during the Fall semester every other week as a hybrid course to discuss relevant history, culture, and health of Uganda, the essentials of international travel and service, and will prepare health education workshops that will be delivered to youth.  In addition we will work with Daemen community members on a cloth menstrual pad program to address important hygiene needs of the female students and teachers of BPS.  Students travel to Uganda for 2 weeks during the winter 2019 break where we will work hand in hand with BPS as well as immerse in the local culture and enjoy a few day safari.  Students will work together upon return on a Spring Academic Festival presentation.   Medical requirements will be discussed.  All students must meet with the Global Programs Office and Professor Justine Tutuska, the course instructor, before registering.

IND 348-05

Service Learning in Thailand - Students participating in the Thailand Service Learning Program will travel to Bangkok and two Northern Thailand cities (Chiang Mai, and Chiang Rai) to learn about Thai culture and work with children and adolescents at risk for human trafficking in partnership with the Development and Education Programme for Daughters and Communities (DEPDC) organization. While in Thailand, students will learn from Sompop Jantraka, a two-time Nobel Prize nominee and expert in the delivery of individual, family, and community interventions within the international context. Students will travel during the intersession and are expected to present about their experiences at the 2019 Daemen College Academic Festival.