Step 1: Planning What to Take Next Semester

Begin with your program plan—the suggested course sequence. What semester are you in, and what courses should you be taking? How many credits overall should you be registered for? Log-in to WebAdvisor and run your program evaluation from the Student menu. (If you are considering another major, you can run a program evaluation on that major from this site as well). What courses do you need? According to your program plan, is next semester when you should be taking them?

Screenshots of Step 1

Step 2: Building Your Worksheet

  • Use the Course Schedules link to find courses you need and which are being offered next semester. Be sure you meet any prerequisite or registration requirement noted.
  • If you are a first year registering for your Spring semester, you will need to take a Learning Community (LC). To review your selection, click on the Learning Community menu item on the left for a brief summary of each LC's theme and the courses which comprise the LC. The meeting times and instructors of the courses are also included so that you can see what might best fit into your schedule.
  • If you need an elective with a particular requirement, ie., “Contextual Competency (changing to Contextual Integration in Fall `13),” “Learning Community,” etc.,  you can search the schedule by selecting the term, scrolling down to “Course Type” and using the drop down menu to locate the course feature you need, including upper division core courses.
  • Write down the course and section number, along with the days and times they are being offered. (You might want to save a blank copy for future use on your Desktop).
  • Make a draft schedule. Does any course conflict with another?  Do you have more than one option which will work for lectures, labs or core and/or elective courses? (You should!)

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Step 3: Adding Courses to Your WebAdvisor Worksheet

  • Log-in to the Student menu and click on Plan/Register/Add Course Sections, then Create/Add to Worksheet.
  • Add each course to your Worksheet, either by using the drop down menu or by typing in the Department Prefix and number. (Since you have the course number, you can leave “course level” blank).
  • You can only add 3 courses at a time. To add more, start the process again from the Student menu.
  • Once you’ve added all of your intended courses and any additional lecture/lab/core/elective options, check the box next to each course, indicate the intended semester, and click Submit.

Screenshots of Step 3

Step 4: Getting Your Advisor's Approval

You cannot register without your advisor’s electronic approval of your Worksheet in WebAdvisor, so proceed with the following actions:

  • When you have completed your Worksheet, click the Email Advisor link at the top right of the screen. Let him or her know you have completed your Worksheet and it is ready for (electronic) approval.
  • You may be required to meet with your advisor in advance of his/her electronic approval. If so, schedule the meeting when you’ve completed your Worksheet, and let him/her know that your Worksheet is done and you will be scheduling your appointment to review the Worksheet together.
  • Check for an email from your advisor and check your Worksheet to see if your courses are marked “Advisor Approved.” Your advisor may have left additional instructions/comments on your Worksheet; read them.

Screenshots of Step 4

Step 5: Almost Done! When Your Registration Window Opens

  • Go to Plan/Register/Add Course Sections, then Register.
  • Select the section for each course you want (you wrote these down, remember?) and click Submit.
  • Select “Register” from the drop down menu for each course section you want and click Submit.
  • Do you find that you need a Permission to Enroll form to register in a particular course or section?

Screenshots of Step 5

Step 6: Review/Check Your Schedule and Your Registration

Once you are registered:

  • Run your program evaluation again.  Did any of the courses you registered for fall to the end of the evaluation under “Other Courses?”  If so, see your advisor; you may have selected a course which will not count on your program.
  • Go to My Class Schedule on the Student menu of WebAdvisor and check your schedule.  Are these the right course sections, times, days, etc?  Have you registered for enough credits?  Does this schedule work for you?

Screenshots of Step 6