The Human Subjects Research Review Committee

The Human Subjects Research Review Committee (HSRRC) is responsible for ensuring that all research at Daemen College involving human subjects is appropriately documented in accordance with pertinent legal and ethical requirements. Researchers who receive the Committee's approval for their projects are responsible for conducting the research as approved, without changes pertaining to the treatment of subjects, and are responsible for maintaining ethical standards while conducting research.

This page provides faculty and students with the necessary information to conduct, report and seek approval of research in the most appropriate and efficient manner.

Before submitting proposals, researchers must consult the Daemen College Research Review Policy, including its description of criteria for Exempt, Expedited and Full Review Proposals, and required elements of informed consent.

Submission Instructions

All requests for review of proposals should be submitted to according to the following instructions. Please note that the review process will be delayed if applications are not submitted according to the following instructions.

  1. Complete an application for review of your protocol using the most current form that is available (posted in the sidebar).
  2. Send the application as a word doc attachment to (The file name of your main application should be in the following format: Last Name First Initial - HSRR - Date [e.g., Smith K HSRR 10-18-16.doc].)
  3. Include a meaningful subject line in your e-mail (e.g., HSRR Expedited Review Request: K. Smith) and a brief message in your e-mail indicating the level of review you are requesting. 
  4. If the project involves student researcher(s), the application must be sent by the Daemen faculty member supervising the project. Submissions will be returned and NOT reviewed if submitted by anyone other than supervising faculty.
  5. Send the application from your e-mail address; and cc all associated investigators on the email submission. (Copy the submission e-mail to all Daemen-affiliated associate investigators' e-mail addresses. Copy the submission e-mail to all non-Daemen-affiliated associate investigators' professional e-mail addresses.)
  6. Current verification (completion reports) of CITI training from all investigators (including all student researchers and faculty sponsors) must accompany the application (either as a separate attachment or within the application document). Daemen researchers needing CITI training may access this process on the CITI Program website.  Please refer to CITI Instructions below (under FAQs) for further information and more detailed instructions about accessing the CITI site and completion requirements.


Proposals for Exempt and Expedited review are accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis (ie. no deadlines) and may be submitted at any time without regard to meeting schedule. For your research planning, please expect 2 - 3 weeks turnaround time for review of applications for Certification of Exemption, and 3 - 4 weeks turnaround time for review of applications for Expedited review. Please note these guidelines are ONLY for proposals that are accurately and completely submitted. 

Proposals for Full Committee review must be received 10 business days prior to the scheduled meeting date (or review of the proposal may be tabled for the following meeting date)*.

Frequently Asked Questions