Newly tenured

  • Mindy Scirri, PhD, Education

Newly tenured and promotion to Associate Professor

  • Margaret Phillips, JD, Paralegal Studies
  • Aakriti Tandon, PhD, Political Science

Promotion to Full Professor

  • Nancy Marck Cantwell, PhD, English
  • Lisa K. Parshall, PhD, Political Science
  • Karl Terryberry, PhD, Physician Assistant Studies

Sabbaticals granted

  • Kathleen E. Murphy, PhD, Professor of Chemistry (Fall 2018) Developing a decision map for problem-solving in Physical Chemistry and a supplement with articles for use in Environmental Chemistry
  • Laura Watts, PhD, Associate Professor of Art History (Spring 2019) The effect of regionalism on Nineteenth-century Italian painting during the Unification period, the resulting narratives and directions in scholarship