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Daemen University is excited to announce our Four-Year Tuition Guarantee program for first-time students! Students may apply to any of our 65+ majors and have their tuition GUARANTEED for all four of their undergraduate years at Daemen.

What does Four-Year Tuition Guarantee mean?

  • With the four-year tuition guarantee, students will know the total cost of their Daemen education right from their first year through graduation, helping to keep tuition affordable and predictable so families may plan accordingly for educational expenses.
  • If Daemen increases tuition during a student's undergraduate years, your financial aid and scholarship will increase, keeping your tuition the same amount.
  • The tuition guarantee program is open to all majors.

Application Process and Deadlines:

  • Students can apply through the Daemen Application or Common Application.
  • Application Deadline: Students must have their application completed by January 5, 2024 to qualify for the four-year tuition guarantee program.
  • Deposit Deadline: Students who commit to Daemen by making a tuition deposit by May 15, 2024, will have their tuition guaranteed for all four of their undergraduate years at Daemen.
Contact Us to Learn More about Four-Year Tuition Guarantee

To learn more about the Four-Year Tuition Guarantee program contact the Daemen Office of Admissions at or call 716-839-8225.