If Daemen is the place you want to be, then Early Decision may be a great plan for you

Generally, there are three (3) processes that colleges and universities use to accept students: Rolling Admissions, Regular Decision, Early Decision.

With Rolling Admissions, there is no application deadline. You can apply whenever you want before classes begin, and as long as you submit all of the required materials, and meet the standards, you can enroll. Daemen uses this process for most of its programs. Rolling Admissions provides great flexibility to students and the institution.

Regular Decision is very similar to Rolling Admissions, but there is an application deadline for which prospective students must follow in order to be considered into a specific program. Colleges and universities use this process for very competitive programs with a limited number of seats. Daemen does as well for our highly competitive Nursing, Physician Assistant (PA), and Physical Therapy (PT) programs, as well as many graduate programs.

Early Decision, however, is different. Early Decision allows applicants to hear about their admission and financial aid decisions earlier than Regular Decision applicants, offering an opportunity for an earlier transition to Daemen. Students who apply Early Decision have an earlier deadline to apply and will receive their scholarship and financial aid package, as well as whether or not they were accepted, before being asked to commit to the College by making an enrollment deposit. Daemen uses Early Decision for Physician Assistant (PA) and Nursing 1-2-1 students who know that Daemen is where they want to study and do not want to risk not getting a seat in this highly coveted programs. By applying Early Decision to Daemen, students are committing that if they get accepted, they will enroll. With Daemen’s Early Decision application process, Early Decision applicants will be informed of their acceptance by November 29th.

A few things to keep in mind before determining if Early Decision is right for you:

  1. Early Decision and Regular Decision applicants are treated the same in the awarding of scholarships and financial aid.
  2. A student who applies Early Decision can request to be moved to the Regular Decision plan. If you make this change during the application process, you will be reconsidered for admission with applicants in the Regular Decision plan due to space limitations in the Physician Assistant and Nursing 1-2-1 programs.
  3. Important Deadline Dates for All Nursing/Physician Assistant students:
    1. November 1st, 2019: Completed Applications due
    2. November 1st, 2019: Recommended date for FAFSA to be completed to ensure financial aid package is sent out by late November.
    3. December 20th, 2019: Tuition Deposit due for acceptance of Early Decision admission offer
  4. Important Date for Early Decision Physician Assistant students:
    1. November 22nd, 2019: Physician Assistant Interview Date

Daemen's Early Decision Policy

The decision to move the Physician Assistant and Nursing programs to a deadline admissions process from a rolling admissions process was made so that the process could be more transparent and equitable to all of our applicants in these programs. Oftentimes at high school panels and talking with families there is an instant panic in the room when the topic of Early Decision comes up. Families and high school counselors are often concerned with the binding agreement that comes with Early Decision, and each college institutes Early Decision differently in theory and in practice.

What does Early Decision look like at Daemen? Students who have a completed Early Decision application by November 1, 2019 will be under review for admission into either the Physician Assistant or Nursing 1-2-1 programs. For Physician Assistants, this will mean that students will be under review for an Early Decision interview date of November 22, 2019. For Nursing 1-2-1 students, this will mean a review for admission into their partner school. Admissions decisions for Early Decision students will be provided to students by November 29, 2019.

If a student is offered an Early Decision acceptance, then the student will have a tuition deposit deadline of December 20, 2019. During this time, we encourage students to talk with the financial aid office about their financial aid package. If a student accepts the Early Decision offer then they will submit a $400 non-refundable tuition deposit. Upon accepting an Early Decision offer a student is required to withdraw all applications to other colleges/universities.

If a student is not accepted through Early Decision then a student will be released from the binding agreement and will be considered with the Regular Decision pool. Early Decision Nursing 1-2-1 students who are not accepted into their first choice partner school may request to be released from the conditions of Early Decision.

Frequently Asked Questions About Early Decision

Q: Is it easier to get into Daemen Early Decision v. Regular Decision?
A: This will be our first year implementing this process so there is no definitive answer. Traditionally admissions rates will vary depending on the decision plan you choose. However, the Early Decision process is meant for students who know they want to attend the college or university at which they apply Early Decision. Talking with admissions, financial aid, and high school counselors about the financial aspects of this decision is vitally important before committing to apply Early Decision at any school

Q: How many schools may I apply to Early Decision?
A: Just one. You may apply to other schools as an Early Action or Regular Decision applicant, but you may only apply to one school Early Decision as the acceptance is a binding agreement.

Q: I want to apply Early Decision but I see that Scholars Day is February 8th and the tuition deposit deadline is December 20th. Can I change my mind if I don’t get a scholarship at Scholars Day?
A: A student who applies and accepts their offer of Early Decision should do so under the assumption that they will not receive additional aid at Scholars Day. Early Decision students will have the opportunity (if qualified) to interview for additional scholarships at Scholars Day, but if the scholarship is contingent on enrolling at Daemen then we encourage students to use the non-binding Regular Decision plan. If you have any questions about the Early Decision process, or the new deadline process in general, for the Physician Assistant and Nursing programs please contact the Director of Undergraduate Admissions, Austin Brass, at abrass2@daemen.edu.