Julia Payne

Julia Payne

Hometown: Arkport, NY

Major: Biochemistry and Pre Medicine 

Minor: Psychology

Graduating Year: 2025

Why did you choose Daemen?

I chose Daemen for the opportunities available in the medical field. My career goal is to be a pediatric surgeon so I need to get as much experience possible and Daemen offered that. I am looking forward to completing a research project later in my time here. In addition, the environment on campus made me feel more at home and the small campus was the best fit for me, especially coming from a small town.

In what ways are you involved on campus?

I am a part of the honors program at Daemen. I am also a trustee scholar and I am a member of the Daemen University Rescue Squad.

What advice would you give to a prospective student?

I know deciding where you will be going to college can be a very stressful experience but wherever you attend, if you put yourself out there and get involved, you will meet people from many different backgrounds and make friends. These people will impact your college experience, so surround yourself with people who are going to support you and help you grow.

What excites you most about being a tour guide?

With becoming a tour guide I am very excited to help prospective students in making their decision on what college will fit them best. I want to show these students and their families the best parts of Daemen while giving them insight on campus life, so they can make the best decision for them.

What is your most memorable moment at Daemen?

So far, my most memorable moment at Daemen has been when I was on the Soccer team my first year of school. During that Soccer season, we beat Molloy College on our home field as they were highly ranked and everyone on our team was very ready for the challenge. During the game, when one of our players scored, we all went crazy with excitement, and it was just an amazing experience.

How has Daemen changed or shaped your life?

I can see the impact being here has had on who I am. I have found myself to be a more outgoing person with the willingness to reach out to people I may not know, as others have done the same to me.

Who inspires you the most?

If I had to choose one person that inspires me, I would have to say my great grandmother. She will do anything she can for her family even if it means she may not have everything she wants, as long as we are happy. Over the years, she has fought breast cancer two different times, during which she still was herself and just wanted to be with loved ones. Family is a major part of who I am and who I want to be, so my great grandmother's selflessness when it comes to family is very inspiring. Also, the ability for her to stand her ground for what she wants even when things are not going great.