Gregory Lowe

Gregory Lowe

Physical Therapy

"The Daemen community of faculty, professors, and students is something unique in the sense that everyone genuinely looks out for one another and strives to make this college something to be proud of.   

Why did you choose Daemen College?

The primary reason for my decision to attend Daemen was the nationally recognized physical therapy program.  I felt that Daemen was the institution that would best prepare me to begin my career in physical therapy directly upon graduation.  In addition, other factors that influenced my decision were the small class sizes, the family atmosphere, and the friendly faculty that Daemen offers.

Why did you choose your present major?

I chose to study physical therapy because I believe the career will allow me to combine my interest in the human body with my yearning to improve the quality of life of those in need.  I also felt that a career in physical therapy would provide me with the opportunity to share my passion for athletics and fitness.  Additionally, physical therapy represents a growing field in the health care system with a strong projected job outlook.

Please describe your academic experience at Daemen.

My academic experience at Daemen has been far from easy; however, I feel that the challenging coursework has provided me with a well-rounded education.  In addition to taking numerous science courses and courses directly related to physical therapy, I have had the opportunity to take courses in other disciplines such as psychology, art, and philosophy.  The sequencing of courses in the physical therapy program at Daemen is thoughtfully designed to both challenge students and prepare them for life after college.

What do you like best about Daemen?

One of the aspects of Daemen College that I like best is the family atmosphere created throughout the campus. The faculty members at Daemen, from the professors to the athletics staff, are committed to enhancing the experience for each student by developing a safe, friendly environment to live and learn.  

What clubs or organizations have you been a part of at Daemen College? What kinds of things do they do?

I have been a member of the men’s tennis team and a member of the Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC).  While academic success has always remained my main priority, my participation on the tennis team has been an unforgettable experience that has provided me with the ability to compete at a high level across the nation and develop vital time management skills necessary to balance academics with athletics.  In addition, participation in the SAAC club, a club that provides student-athletes with a “voice” on the institutional, regional, and national level, has provided me with an opportunity to further develop as a leader on campus.

What is your favorite campus hangout? Why?

My favorite campus hangout is the library, otherwise known as the Research & Information Commons (RIC).  The RIC, a three-story library with both “talking” and “silent” areas, is a tremendous place to complete course work and study because of the numerous study rooms and small nooks located throughout.  However, in my opinion, the RIC also serves a bustling social hub on campus where students of all majors come together.  The RIC has provided me with a place to hangout with friends and have as much fun as possible studying with the company of others.