Jessica Schrader

Jessica Schrader

Pre-Veterinary & Minor in Global Studies

Year in School: Third Year

Hometown/State: Jamestown, NY

High School: Southwestern Central High School

Why did you choose Daemen College?

I chose Daemen College because of the amazing 3+4 program offered for pre-veterinary students in connection with Lincoln Memorial.  Daemen had the academic opportunity that I needed to be the most prepared for a future in the career of veterinary medicine.

Why did you choose your present major?

I chose to study in the pre-veterinary program because my love for animals inspired me to pursue a career where I will be able to work alongside them.

Please describe your academic experience at Daemen.

The enriching environment and encouraging professors challenge me to expand and make the most out of my learning experience. The courses and opportunities offered through Daemen will help me prepare best for my future.  

Do you live on campus? Please tell us about your on campus experiences.

By living on campus I’m able to be more involved with activities and experiences offered by Daemen College.  I also enjoy the community feeling and being able to stay involved with the experiences of living on campus at Daemen College.

What clubs or organizations have you been a part of here at Daemen College? What kinds of things do they do?

One organization that I’m involved in at Daemen College is the Daemen College Pre-Vet Club.  As president of the Pre-Vet Club I help other students interested in veterinary medicine by organizing activities to help expand our experience and promote the welfare of animals.

What are your plans after graduation?

After attending Daemen College I plan on attending veterinary school to become a licensed veterinarian. My career goal is to someday be able to practice veterinary medicine as a wildlife veterinarian.

Please describe any internship, study abroad, service learning or academic experience? (For example, Academic Festival, Research Think Tank, etc.)

In January 2018, I completed my service learning while traveling abroad in the Dominican Republic. My time in the Dominican Republic was an outstanding learning opportunity because I not only learned about the Dominican culture through service in their local communities, but I came back with an improved global awareness and respect for the connections we have with other countries in the world.