Joseph Biddle

Biology and Spanish with a minor in Chemistry

Following my junior year, I moved to St. Augustine, Florida for 11 weeks and conducted research at the Whitney Laboratory for Marine Bioscience.

What was your reason for coming to Daemen College?

I came to Daemen because even after just one visit, I knew it would be the college for me. The student body is extremely welcoming and close-knit. Furthermore, the faculty is genuinely interested in the success of their students and they actually get to know each student, you are not just a number or a face in a crowd. Lastly, Daemen was very accommodating to my goal of double majoring and worked with me to ensure that I would be able to complete both degrees in a timely fashion.

What do you aspire to be after college/what are your career plans?

Following my undergraduate career at Daemen, I hope to pursue a Ph.D. in developmental biology. Doing so would allow me to contribute to the global understanding of basic scientific concepts. Long-term, I hope that I will eventually be able to share my knowledge and experience with the future scientists of the world.

Please describe your impressions of Daemen College.

Daemen College has a great campus community, stretching from the student body to the faculty and even the administration. Everyone on campus is respectful of one another and often will go out of their way to be of assistance. Additionally, many of Daemen’s remodels have really made the campus that much more welcoming.  

Tell us about your life outside of academics: clubs, sports, hobbies, things to do around Buffalo, NY

Since my freshman year, I have been a member of the Daemen College Honor’s Program and the Daemen College Trustee Scholars. Additionally, I am the current President of the National Biological Honor Society, Beta Beta Beta. In the Buffalo area, my friends and I have really begun to enjoy Canalside and all the work that has been done along the waterfront.

Please describe any internship, study abroad, service learning, or academic experience (Academic Festival or research you are working on or have worked on in the past).

In the summer following my sophomore year, I spent 8 weeks in San José, Costa Rica where I took three courses and lived with a Costa Rican family. I traveled to Bocas del Toro and Panamá. I was able to see the Monteverde cloud forests, Arenal Volcano and white water raft in the Pacuare River.

Following my junior year, I moved to St. Augustine, Florida for 11 weeks and conducted research at the Whitney Laboratory for Marine Bioscience. I am hoping to present my findings at the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology (SICB) national conference in January of 2016.

Here at Daemen College, I have an ongoing senior thesis research project with Dr. Diane Ramos where we are studying how the environment can affect the development of color in butterfly wings. At the end of my senior year, I will present my findings at Daemen’s annual Academic Festival.