Health Insurance Requirement

Students who take 6 or more credits and meet one or more of the following parameters are required to submit proof of health insurance that provides adequate coverage in the Buffalo/Amherst area at the start of each academic year

  • Residential students (including Collegiate Village)
  • Student athletes (club as well as intercollegiate sports)
  • Students in health-related fields of study while participating in external learning experiences (clinical affiliations, internships, etc.) 

International Students

  • Non-student athletes: must enroll in the Daemen College Student Health Insurance Plan
  • Student athletes: option to enroll in the Daemen College Student Health Insurance Plan OR submit proof of traveler's insurance (in English) that summarizes comprehensive coverage while in the United States - Waive or Enroll in Daemen College Student Health Insurance Plan
  • Upon waiving the DC Student Health Insurance Plan, your traveler's insurance information may be rejected however, the Health & Insurance Services office will ensure you are not enrolled in the DC Student Health Insurance Plan at end of the enrollment period. 

Student Health Insurance Plan

Daemen College, in partnership with Haylor, Freyer & Coon, offers a student-focused health insurance plan that upholds requirements set forth by the Affordable Care Act. Any Daemen student taking 6 credits or more is eligible to enroll in the plan. Dependent coverage is also available. To review the coverage available, access your ID card or waive in or enroll in the DC student health insurance plan.

Deadline to Enroll: October 1, 2018. 

Students who meet the criteria must enroll in or waive the student health insurance plan BEFORE receiving keys to the residence halls, participating in a sport (practice or play) or beginning classes. Failing to do so will result in the student being automatically enrolled in the Daemen College Student Health Insurance Plan after October 1, 2018 (fall deadline to enroll).

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Health & Insurances Office at 716-839-8446 or