Are you ill or injured?

There are many medical services just outside our campus community that are available when you are not feeling well.  A few are listed below.  For other detailed information including local pharmacies, dentists, urgent care facilities, and other medical services view the local medical brochure.

Cold or Flu?  Check out these great tips to help you overcome the ailment.

MASH Urgent Care

Hours of Operation
Monday-Sunday, including Holidays:   9:00 am - 9:00 pm

Directions to MASH Urgent Care

Need a ride?

Call Campus Safety at (716)839-SAFE (7233) for a ride from Wick Campus Center to MASH Urgent Care's Amherst location.


Slip, fall, sprain, strain, or fracture?  

You’ll want care as quickly as possible!  Skip the emergency room and head straight to an Orthopaedic Specialist.  Call ahead for the best advice.

excelsior orthopaedics logo
3925 Sheridan Drive
Amherst, NY 14226
(716) 250-9999

Excelsior Express offers on-site x-ray, MRI, casting, and care provided by orthopaedic and sports medicine experts.

Directions to Excelsior Orthopaedics

UB Orthocare Logo
4949 Harlem Road
Amherst, NY 14226
(716) 204-3200

UB Orthocare offers urgent injury care for orthopaedic and bone injuries, muscle injuries, joint injuries and more.

Directions to UB Orthocare




Have your prescriptions* mailed or delivered to Daemen College or your home (if you live locally) FREE OF CHARGE!

  • If you currently have ongoing prescription needs, please have the prescription transferred from your current pharmacy to Women and Children’s Hospital at (716) 878-7990.
  • If you have a new prescription, please have your healthcare provider call your prescription in to Women and Children’s at (716) 878-7990. 
  • If you have a written prescription that needs to be filled, Health Services (located in Wick Campus Center) will gladly fax the prescription to Women and Children’s Hospital.

Feel free to contact Children’s Home Care Pharmacy, Monday through Friday 9 am – 5 pm at (716) 878-7990 if you have any questions or to provide them with your insurance information and to set up a delivery schedule.

*does not include controlled substances