Record Release

Did you recently graduate? Did you accept a job that requires proof of immunizations? Are you transferring or going to graduate school? Did you lose your health records?

The Health and Insurance Services Office maintains your paper immunization records for a total of ten years after your date of admission to the College, indefinitely in our database.  If you would like to request a copy of your records, please complete the Record Release Form. This information will only be used to identify your records and to send them wherever you designate.


The Health & Insurance Services Office is here to help you navigate the complex health care and insurance systems.  But we can’t help without your consent.  If you would like us to intervene on your behalf with medical personnel, insurance companies, or just want us to be able to discuss your health concerns with your parents, family or friends, this Disclosure Form, which is also available in the Health and Insurance Services office, authorizes us to communicate or disclose medical information to those whom you designate.  This authorization will become effective at signing and shall remain in effect as long as the student remains a student at Daemen College, unless the student wishes to revoke this authorization.  The revocation can be requested at any time and must be submitted in writing to the Health and Insurance Services office.