LEADS Center for Student Leadership Development

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Daemen College offers many programs throughout the year that will aid all students in developing their leadership skills. Below are a list of upcoming events sponsored by the LEADS Center or other Daemen College student service departments.

Do you have a question about LEADS? Feel free to contact the office of Orientation & Student Leadership at 716-839-8494 or at LEADS.


To view the list of programs for this semester go to the LEADS Events page at DC Link

Students who attend ten or more LEADS sessions within one academic year will receive special recognition at Daemen College’s Leadership Awards Luncheon in May.


LEADS Center Mission

Daemen College’s LEADS Center serves as a clearinghouse for students aspiring to realize and develop their leadership skills. The program affords Daemen students the knowledge, skills, and experiences necessary to bring purpose, meaning, and integrity into their lives, and consequentially the lives of others. The program emphasizes life long learning and civic engagement through interdisciplinary programs that provide and encourage the development of consciousness of self, fosters inclusive collaborative relationships, social change, and civic responsibility.

The LEADS Center is located in the Wick Center Second Floor Office Suite.

LEAD Center Committee Members:

  • Kimberly Pagano, Assistant Dean for Student Engagement
  • Frank Williams, Vice President for Enrollment Management
  • Chris Malik, Director of Student Activities
  • Meg Altman-Cosgrove, Assistant Director of Housing & Residence Life
  • Denise Mills, Modern Languages Department Chair
  • George Siefert, Social Work Department Chair
  • Kathryn Hammer, Director of Alumni Relations
  • Susan Marchione, Director of New Program Development & Strategic Initiatives for Academic Affairs

Feel free to contact any of the committee members for additional information about the LEADS program.