Test Accommodation Procedure

Prior to exam
  • Each student is responsible for scheduling exams with the Director for Disability Services at least three business days before the testing date.
  • Each student is responsible for reminding his or her instructor at least one class day prior to the exam that they will be taking the quiz, test, or exam down in Disability Services.
  • For every exam or quiz taken in Disability Services, the student must complete the Accommodated Test Request Form (formerly a hard copy "green sheet") located in the Daemen homepage left navigation column under "Academics". This form allows the test to be delivered electronically by the instructor. Any accompanying materials that cannot be sent online need to be delivered to RIC 116 prior to the exam time.
  • "Last-minute" requests for testing accommodations may not be honored. Please see the Director for Disability Services for more information about specific questions or concerns.
Day of the exam
  • The student should report directly to Disability Services 5-10 minutes prior to the scheduled exam time.
  • The student is responsible for bringing all necessary supplies for the exam (i.e. pens, pencils, calculator, etc.).
  • Only authorized materials indicated by the instructor on the testing form will be permitted inside the test room.
  • Disability Services is responsible for returning the completed exam to the instructor.
  • If a student fails to appear for a scheduled exam, the test will be returned to the instructor. It is then the student's responsibility to contact the instructor in regards to the matter.

Evening exams: Typically, Disability Services administers exams 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. When possible, students will be asked to take evening exams earlier in the day. If an exam must be administered after 4:30 p.m., be sure to confirm the arrangements as early as possible with the Director for Disability Services. Please contact testrequest@daemen.edu or call 716.839.8228 with any concerns about scheduling a particular exam.

Late for an exam: All exams are to begin on time. The exam will begin with or without the student. If a student is going to be late because of extenuating circumstances, please contact Disability Services immediately at (716) 839-8228.

Exam date/time change: It is the student's responsibility to notify Disability Services if an exam date or time has been changed/cancelled.

Starting exams early: Exams should be scheduled for the regular class time. Because of extended time, a student may start an exam before the class. If the student completes the exam earlier than expected the student will be required to stay in the suite until after the class has begun the test.