LEADS Center for Student Leadership Development

We believe that "leadership" is more than a title or position. Through the LEADS program you are able to develop leadership skills that you will carry with you for a lifetime. It is about becoming the best person you can be and sharing your skills with others.  

LEADS programming is open to all students.  No need to apply, simply attend the events that interest you.  LEADS offers many different development opportunities throughout the year:

  • Lunch, Learn, and LEAD Workshops
  • Conferences
  • Speaker Series

Our programs complement your academic experience by aiding you in better relating to and working with others, adding practical experiences to your resume, and allowing you to network with faculty, staff and students outside of the classroom. Students should check their emails and follow @DaemenLife on social media to learn about upcoming events.

Common Program Topics:
Time Management 
Conflict Resolution
Ethical Decision Making
Meeting Planning
Personality Assessments
Interviewing Skills/Resume Design
Financial Independence
Effects of Social Media
Embracing Change
Living in the Leadership Fishbowl
How to be a leader
...and much more!

Did You Know

  • Every time you attend a LEADS event you can list it on your resume as "Professional Development."
  • Every time a student attends a LEADS event they get points towards Daemen swag on the Daemen Connect app.
  • Students who attend 10 or more LEADS events in one academic year will be recognized at the annual Student Leadership Awards Luncheon in May.

LEADS Center Mission

Daemen University’s LEADS Center serves as a clearinghouse for students aspiring to realize and develop their leadership skills. The program affords Daemen students the knowledge, skills, and experiences necessary to bring purpose, meaning, and integrity into their lives, and consequentially the lives of others. The program emphasizes life long learning and civic engagement through interdisciplinary programs that provide and encourage the development of consciousness of self, fosters inclusive collaborative relationships, social change, and civic responsibility.

The LEADS Center is located in the Wick Center Second Floor Office Suite.

Do you have a question about LEADS? Feel free to contact the Student Affairs at 716-839-8200 or at LEADS@daemen.edu.